Hotel room Key card still working after departure date ?

Hotel room Key card still working after departure date ?

Hotel Room Key cards control,

How to control the key cards in hotels? 

What is the suggestion to control using the key cards in the hotel industry? 

Why the Hotel key card still working and I already checked out two days ago ?

I received this question from one of our followers , so we need to reply for him 

key card machine
key card machine

In this case it is a mistake by the reception employee who issue the key card for you during the check in time ,as the key card must be issued with the same dates as the arrival date and departure dates per each guest ,

Nowadays almost the hotels are using the magnetic plastic cards, which can be program for the door lock and it is very helpful in the operation more than before as for long time we were using the metal key and the key rack which you can see in the old films an the twenty years ago ,so after the technology revaluation there is a lot of things in the hospitality and specially hotels changed and get more easy and elegant , which we give name as Hotel-Technology  

so to go back to our subject about the key cards in the hotels ,we need to know that now a days the key cards in most of the hotels they are leaving it with the guest during the check out as it is not costly and even if it is with cost they use it as advertising for the hotel as normally they put the hotel name and address also the telephone number and newly they put the QR so the guest can scan and get all the information about the Hotel from this QR code . 

So the normal procedure of issuing the key card is : 

During the check in and after the guest sign the R.C so you will know how many nights the guest will stay in the hotel and in which room , so you will put the key card on the magnetic machine and go to the key card system and choose the arrival date and departure dates and be sure that you make this information according to the guest booking and R.C all the document and correspondence must be the same with the system . after that you will handle the key card with more information and welcoming him and hope for him a pleasant stay . 

In some hotels , once you check in the room on the system and you need to make the key card ,just you need to put the card on the machine and all the data will be imported automatically by system .

so in the case above , this key card made by mistake with the wrong departure date ,

Note : 

normally the key card will not work after 12:00 noon in the departure day as this is the standard check out time .

One of the ways to control the key cards use is the inventory as front office staff member you need to know how many keys you start your shift with and how many rooms you checked in and how many used for the guest in house incase of missing or damages, and in the end you will know how many you have in the end of your shift. 

so we need to take this case seriously and to be investigated as this can lead to disaster scenarios if this key go to the wrong hand . you can read our article about how to prevent theft by hotel staff and Guest in hotels .


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