Who is in charge of front office in hotels?

Who is in charge of front office in hotels?

Front office department in hotel 

Front office team, who is in charge of the staff who work in the front office, 

I receive this question from one of my followers on the website, so to answer I would like first to explain what is the front office department? And what the roles they are make in hotels, Who is in charge of front office in hotels?.

Front Office team is content from

1. Reception Team

2. Operator Team

3.Bellman and concierge 

4. Reservation Team

So we will start with

The Reception team, they are the staff who stand or sit behind the reception counter welcome the guest and start to make the checkin procedures and also they are with the guest starting from the first impression in the hotel through all the guest cycle until he will check out.they are there receptionists

Second is the Operator team and they are the staff who receiving a telephone calls either internal from the in-house guest to another guest or between the management offices, or external calls from outside the hotel to be transfer to guest in house rooms, or from in-house guest to outside calls. So they are the connecting between the hotel outlets and also guest to hotel by telephone calls. 

Should be bilingual. 

Third is the Bellman who welcome the guest when they arrive to hotel door like a door man and help them with the luggage. 

Fourth is the Reservation department, we can say that also Reservation he is the first person can start deal with the guest, so he can give the impression to the guest about the hotel even before the guest arrive to hotel. 

The above is very brief just to say who is working in front office department

So after that there is an organization chart for each hotel and this chart is big or small according the hotel size, 

So the person who is charge for the front office team is the front office manager.

Front office manager
Who is in charge for front office team in hotel

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    Elizabeth Ndlovu

    Thank you for the information it help me a lot to understand the front office department. I now know that the front office manager is in charge of the front office in a hotel. I want to know more about the housekeeping department and the food and beverage. Tank you.

    2 years ago Reply

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