What is the top 10 things to do in Doha at night

What is the top 10 things to do in Doha at night

If you asking your self this question what is the10 Best Things to Do in Doha at Night? So wait with me I will provide you with best list.
Doha’s the Best Nightlife ever.

No doubt that Doha has a diverse nightlife scenes that promises a lot of excitement despite the ban on public drinking. Qatar’s capital Doha is famous by its ultra-modern skyscrapers and Islamic-inspired architectural masterpieces, but rooftop hotel with open air , historic shopping districts and also imagine the desert safaris promise too much of excitement once the sun goes down.

Doha attractions and activities
Doha attractions and activities

Stroll around Qatar’s best souq, drink a sunrise or sunset cocktail while the sun sets over the skyline or sit back with your friends and smoke shisha when temperatures cool in the evening specially winter time really it is very nice feelings  – you should know that your evenings in the capital will take on many forms and in the end of the article you will agree with me . Here is our pick of the best things to do at night in Doha the capital of Qatar state .

The first is one of the iconic places in Doha which is Souq Waqif 


bookingvision- tours in qatar
bookingvision- tours in qatar

The streets in Doha come to life while the sun goes down.
While you are Taking a glance at Doha’s skyline and you’ll find a modern city full of looming skyscrapers. But the walking around the lanes of our iconic Souq Waqif, and you will feel like you have been transported back in the time to the old and unique . These beautiful streets are home and designed to the historical Arab architectural masterpieces, the very traditional streets stalls also upscales restaurants.

Alfanar mosque near souq waqif
souq waqif from corniche side

Souq Waqif is awakens at the night when hot day gives way to cool evening. In souq waqif, you can find and enjoy the walking around the local handicrafts, watching the street performances, don’t forget to have a look to the falconry market and visit the falcon hospital!!! Yes I mean it don’t surprise souq waqif has one of the best falcon hospital also the falcon museum, art galleries. If you like to enrich your knowledge of cultural awareness, we highly recommend you to make a big round in Souq Waqif for some hours.

Falcon Tours in qatar

Falcon Souq
tours in qatar falcon souq , souq waqif
Falcon in souq waqif
Falcon in souq waqif

Location: Al Souq St, Doha, Qatar

Opening hours : Saturday–Thursday from 7.30am to 12.30pm and 3.30pm to 10pm (closed on Fridays)

Phone number : +974 5551 9254

If you love taking photos so try the History Photos Nightlife in Souq waqif.

The second place you can went at night in Doha is 

The Shisha corner in the Terrace of Four Seasons Hotel Doha
Feel the Relaxation like a local on a shisha terrace or rooftop hangout
The Shisha Terrace at the top of the Doha Four Seasons Hotel also offers the panorama views of the city and sea with mixing feeling and emotions you feel very relaxing and peace in mind and soul . This comfortable lounge has beautiful and very nice views and the most dedicated service. Also You will find a lot of traditional shisha places and caffee in the historic Souq Waqif. Le Gourmet plus The Corner Café are two of the area’s most famous shisha venues. But if you like more experience, head to one of the city’s 5-star hotels specially in West bay area .

Also the hookah still plays a main role in the Arab culture. So While you are in Doha, you might like to kick back like a local people by visiting any of the shisha bars.

Location: Four Seasons Hotel Doha, The Corniche, Doha, Qatar

Open: Saturday–Thursday from 8am to 2am, Friday from noon to 2am

Phone: +974 4494 8600

Very nice places to visit at night in Doha
Nightlife as a lifestyle in Doha

The third place you will enjoy in Doha at night is 
Sunset dinner cruise
Enjoying the very calm waters in Doha
If you are interesting of sunset views, so go to corniche and enjoy the view of the waters while you are in Doha. You should have to put up the blazing heat when you first set for sailing , but once the sunset and day gives way to the night, you will be glad and happy that you are aboard a traditional dhow boats. The Most cruises last around two hours and depart in time for the sunset.

For the traditional cruise experience, you need to head to the Corniche so you will find the lines of wooden dhows illuminate the waters with a lot of colored lights. If you hope For a more upscale experience with the fine dining included, you will head over to the Pearl Qatar, which is the place of plenty of yachts with the glass windows, also air-conditioning also with open decks by Arabic is majlis-style seating.

The special Food Nightlife Adventure in Doha

The fourth place to enjoy the nightlife at Doha is 

Drinking cocktails or juice on a rooftop terrace
Enjoy the spectacular city views at PURE Lounge in Hilton
If you are interested with the classy nightlife experience , take the decision and head to the PURE Lounge at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Doha for the famous signature cocktails, it is a very classic and modern lounge setting with full of the panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf plus the very famous towers around the West Bay area and enjoy the Doha skyline. Also at La Cigale Hotel rooftop, you will see the Sky View terrace bar on the fifteenth floor. So stay here and enjoy your drinks with the music acts and DJs.

The Most places that serve alcohol are only located in the hotels due to the ban on public alcohol drinking, but the bars remain open until the early morning hours. If you want to sip a cocktail or more drinks with a city view, you have the chance to reserve a table at a rooftop bar.

Location: DoubleTree by Hilton

Address is Doha, Al Meena St, Doha, Qatar

Open hours : Daily from 6pm to 2am

Phone to make booking : +974 4034 333

The fifth option for you to enjoy your nightlife in Doha is 
Start to Catch up on the day’s sports at any of the sports bar which offered in some of Doha hotels.
Enjoy all the international snacks, also the pool tables and sports galore in the interesting hotel bar
Doha has a fair share of sports bars, it is meaning that you will not have to fall behind the latest news from any of the world’s sporting events places . As you know and notice from our article that  public drinking is illegal, so your option is you will find most sports bars in the hotels, such as the Radisson Blu Hotel, The Sheraton and the Holiday Inn.

Also the Champions,  is located in the Marriot Marquis City Centre Doha Hotel, is an famous award-winning sports bar that’s filled with big flat-screen TVs showcasing all the top sporting events from around the world. If you like to catch up with the latest and newest trends in the news in sports such as Formula 1 or cricket and NFL sports , Champions is a popular and very famous spot connected to the DECC subway station.

Location is : Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Hotel, Doha, Qatar

Open hours : Daily from 5pm to 2am

Phone: +974 4419 500

Nightlife at Doha sure you will enjoy

The sixth option to enjoy your nightlife in Doha is

The Night desert safari
Watching the sunset over the dunes and see the sands around you. Enjoy the nature far from the noise of modern life.
So If you need to escape from the crowds and get your blood pumping high in the evening, you will need to look for a sand dune adventure in doha desert. This tour is very nice and promise t great at you will enjoy. You will start your adventures in a 4×4 car will take you to the desert to start your adventure the driving will takes you by breathtaking senario also you will enjoy and try the camel riding on the camel back. It is really exc and you have to take take photos and make memories that you will not forger. There are Some tour operators let you take a dip in the waters of the Khor Al Udaid, around 80 km in the south of Doha city.

Don’t be shy to ask your driver if you want a bumpy ride – they’ll be very delighted to show you just how exciting the desert sand view can be under a twinkling,also starlit sky. The Most evening tours take around five hours and leave from Doha city at  14:00 pm and 15:00 pm.

It is very nice for Families Nightlife Adventure in Doha 

The seventh option to enjoy your nightlife in Doha is

The pearl doha
Tours in qatar

The Pearl Qatar
This is the most high life on Doha’s man-made island
The Pearl Qatar is an excellent and interesting artificial island in Doha that covers an area of 4 sq km. The island is very famous for being home to the more affluent of Doha’s residents. There are a lot of coffee and restaurants which admittedly on the pricey side, but it is fine dining at its best. In addition to the dozens of the waterfront eateries that serve cuisines from all corners of the globe, you’ll find some of boutique stores, also you need to see the supercar showrooms and beach clubs at the “Arabian Riviera”.

So if you don’t like to dine or stock up on designer goods at the Pearl Qatar, you need to take a tour of the villas around the pearl area , upmarket residential towers around the area and Mediterranean-style marinas which make this island unique.

Location: The Pearl Qatar, Doha, Qatar

Very nice for the people who interested to take photos in Doha. You will enjoy the scene there. 

The eighth option to enjoy your nightlife in Doha is

The Society Lounge at Hilton hotel Doha
Which Celebrate in one of the best Doha’s classy hotel clubs.
Let’s be agreed that Society Lounge is one of the top-rated nightclubs in Doha you can make this rating as per service or place or location as you wish you will find that it is one of the top rank club. It’s located on the rooftop above of The Hilton Doha, and this will give you the chance to enjoy sweeping views of the Doha skyline as you drink cocktails and maybe even try the dancefloor. Soft purple lighting will give you the relax emotions also the mixing of  laser shows will make you more excited on the rooftop with one of the best views on Doha night skyline. Also They did not forget to have a relaxed section for you so when you need a break from the action you can enjoy the full relax atmosphere.

The ninth option to enjoy your nightlife in Doha complete for the below 

Most nightclubs in Doha are situated inside Doha’s 4- and 5-star hotels. Near the Society Lounge, so you will know that some of the most famous clubs hotspots including the Oxygen Club in the La Cigale Hotel, The Pearl Lounge in the Marriot and The Club at St Regis. You also need to know tug hat Rooftop bars in Doha are fairly swanky affairs so it’s a very good idea to dress up to enjoy, if you want the most best experience.

Location is : Hilton Doha, Diplomatic St, Doha, Qatar

Opening hours : Daily from 7pm to 2am

Phone: +974 5539 0937

Enjoy your Nightlife at Doha 

The tenth option and not the last as there are a lot of attractions you can do In Doha but it is the last in our list only if you need more attractions you will find a lot in our site just try another post you will find a lot of things you will like.

Doha corniche at night
Doha corniche at night
Doha cornich
Tours in qatar
Doha cornich Qatar
Booking Online Doha tours
The best Doha tours

Fabulous skyline in Doha

If See the Doha city at night from the Corniche side
The Doha’s skyline looks impressive from any spot around corniche, so sure you will find the most photo-worthy shots and views of the Doha cityscape from Doha Corniche – just choose any spot around cornich, for me I recommend beside the museum of Islamic Art. You will find one pearl statue just enter this side and move little inside you will find that this is the best place to take photos I will share with you some shots I took by my phone.

So actually one of the first stage when you are thinking for visit another country is to know are you need a visa to enter the country or no need as laterly qatar announce that there are some country no need to have visa before go and enjoy your visit, so you can click Here to know if visa is required for you or No.

Visa to qatar
Visa checker, visa required, travel urgent visa, visa for Traveller

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