What do you need to know about qatar?

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What do you need to know about qatar?

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What you need to know before traveling to Qatar, while you are planning to visit Doha you need to know some information which will help you during your visit, and in this post we will provide below.

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Firstly you need to know that Qatar is one of the Middle Eastern countries which merge between the modern life and it is infrastructure with ancient traditions. It’s very famous for its falconry specially the falcon life so what ever you need to know about falcons so it is your perfect destination, also camel racing, for me I know a lot of people they travel to know more about this animal which really no words can explain all what he has can keep in the desert on this hot weather without water and eating for long days as years ago give the name of the desert ship for camel, If you need more information write comment down and I will make special post for the camel life. and Doha traditional dhows, not only that also for its first-class waters ports around the country specially the pearl Qatar, classy restaurants also Five star hotels and contemporary skylines from corniche side . You can go for shopping and fun in both traditional souqs and modern malls as there are a lot of malls around the country.

So actually one of the first stage when you are thinking for visit another country is to know are you need a visa to enter the country or no need as laterly qatar announce that there are some country no need to have visa before go and enjoy your visit, so you can click Here to know if visa is required for you or No.

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While you are still in the flight and it is landing you will see one of the best panorama lighting around the airport and the country, this is qatar on the Arabian Gulf , so you will find your self after landing in one of the very modern city which is Doha the capital of Qatar with the most hotels chains and a lot of attractions and activities you can enjoy . Also the desert landscape around you makes a great playground for 4×4 adventures and sure hides some remarkable historical sites. The long coastline is famous and more popular with it is kitesurfers and the beaches along the western coast are very. beautiful.

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Doha is the capital of Qatar and the shiny star in the middle East – a Doha on its way to greatness and it has the qualifications for this . As it becomes a perfect destination for the most important global events, Doha infrastructure and a lot of attractions is being developed and get more moderated to meet the target of the increasing demand. It’s being built beside the historical places and it is ancient traditions not on top of them so you will feel the smoothly atmosphere and no conflict , so you will enjoy the day light in the modern malls and evening time you will enjoy the old souq in qatar,

All what we mentioned above and also we have to inform you that Doha is the host city for the FIFA World Cup 2022 , Doha has too much attractions including the Museum of Islamic Art with it is MIA park around it and the old Souq Waqif. Be sure and do not forget one of the popular attractions in Doha which is corniche and the dhow cruise around it, try it and you will have unforgettable memories, with all the Doha dafna towers in the skyscraper and panoramic skyline in your background while you are on the top of the dhow wooden cruise  .

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