Two days in Doha Qatar Travel guide

Two days in Doha Qatar Travel guide

While we talking about Tours in Qatar we should mention the below :

Two days in Doha Qatar travel guide , Souq waqif and Katara culture village . me and my friend starting our trip to Japan and once we were talking about the trip we know that we will have stop in Doha Qatar for two days so we decided to stay and see what is this country , really we surprises as when you talk to Arabic country your think will b directed to the view of the people who stay in the desert and beduin , but we really shocked as we will show you what we find in this country ,

Starting fom the first minute in the airport we find our selves in one of the most moderated airport , it is well organized and tidy clean , and no desert until now ….

we finish our procedures of the passport stamping and went out of the airport , my friend was waiting for us in the waiting hall , long time we didn’t saw him , so it was very nice chance to meet him , so he is our local guide who will explain for us as always , he said to us are you shocked when you see the airport , we answered yes , he laugh high and say this was my first feeling to me also when I came here for the first time .

so we start our trip for two days in Doha , stay with us and see what we find there .


my friend stay in hotel with his family so we book one room to be with him in the same place so it will be easy to be near him as he mention that sometimes there is high traffic in the afternoon time ,  we went to the hotel take shower and he say one hour and we will go to souq wakif , it was 18:00 so we take taxi and start our trip wow really we passed by west bay area what is that, very nice places high buildings the art of the building Tornado tower and Sheraton stay on the cornich side my friend said that the Sheraton hotel is one of the iconic places in Qatar as it almost 30 years old and has fantastic shape and very nice view .

we see the dhow cruise on the cornich it is very nice and I asked him to try but he say this will take around four hours so you need to choose souq wakif or thdhow cruise so we decide to complete our way to souq ,

we reach souq wakif , Souq Wakif is the oldest market in Doha, and it’s the most fabulous place for buying traditional goods. It’s also the best place for food. There are so many restaurants and coffee shops that it’ll be difficult to make up your mind. We wanted to try the national dish in Qatar, Machboos, and unfortunately, we didn’t find it at Parisa Souq Wakif Restaurant where we first stopped. We decided to stay, even though they were not serving what we were looking for. In the end, I had to admit that this restaurant was a real find. The traditional flatbread produced on the spot and served instantly, hot, with feta, cucumber, tomato and coriander accompaniment, as a complimentary starter, was delicious. Mouth-watering by merely thinking back. We didn’t regret our choice.

if you are during the day A few things you should consider visiting around Souq Wakif:
– Al Koot Fort;
– Camel Pen;
– The Clock Tower;
The Museum of Islamic Art;
– The Horse Stables.

Second day we went to Katara culture village , My friend gave us some information that this place opened in 2010 it is beautiful sandy beach place , opera , art galleries studios, a drama theater, a large amphitheater and plenty of good restaurants serving different international and local cuisines. Not to forget to mention the coffeeshops where you can smoke shisha! Have you ever tried shisha before?

Katara tours in qatar
Katara culture village tours in qatar

We stoped by one of the very beautiful building it is the Golden Masjed . Covered with tiny golden chips, this small Ottoman-style mosque and its minaret caught my attention.

Tours in qatar
Golden mosque tours in qatar bookingvision

our trip for the two days finished and we will make it again as there are a lot of things there we need to try , we promise to try the dhow cruise and safari also the museum all these still and will be soon ,


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