Things to do in Doha

Things to do in Doha

The Top Ten things and Activities you can do in Qatar , good news Peeps , start from 20 of September and for some months later (winter time), the weather is changing and so is our Calendar Activity . from Paddle Boarding to Cycling , we are giving you the Lowdown of fun Activities you need to be Doing Now .

1.  Cycle Away

Cycle Away is one from the perfect outdoor experience , Who said cycling is for the exercise lovers ?

Get it moving and cycle away at your favourite spot with your family and friends , visit picturesque Corniche for a long ride , or perhaps, the pearl for the ultimate coffee hopping . if leaving the city is your take , so take your bike and enjoy the weather on Doha Corniche and you can also try the Traditional Dhow Cruise 


2. All Aboard

Whether you are new in Doha , or been here literally as long as the Sheraton has been , if you have yet to ride that big yellow bus , then you need to get your self a ticket and jump on the Doha Bus for a stress free alternative to taking in the sights of the city with great selection of packages to choose from such as ” night tour ” “Hop On Hop Off 48 hrs  ” and the new favourite “monster experience”or try safari Tour

Tours in Qatar Tours in Qatar

3.Mangrove Kayaking 

yes , that’s right , in a country that is predominantly desert , Qatar has its own mangroves , attracting avaried selection of birds – including flamingos and herons so take the scenic route to explore the vegetation and wildlife by leisurely kayaking through for a tranquil and breathtaking eco-adventure , try out the sunset kayaking edition and we promise that you will not look at Qatar like the same after that .

North Qatar tour - online travel booing in qatarTours in Qatar Tours in Qatar Tours in Qatar

4. Jog at the Corniche 

You can start with the best feeling and make you special morning with jogging at the Doha Corniche

in the morning , or afternoon ,also at evening time when ever you need change your mode this one of the perfect solutions in Doha , you will find coffee shops along the way , parking spaces , restaurants really it is amazing and perfect place to take your selfie picture .

Doha Panorama Souq Wakif Zigzag Tower Museum of Islamic Art Doha-High-Rise-Office Doha-High-Rise-Office

5. Ride the waves .

Spanning over 1.5 Km , katara’s private beach is one from the best places for the water sports and jet ski , while you enjoy the weather and the relaxation on the beach you can also enjoy the water sport activities and parasailing in the sunset time with you family members or your friends .


6. Souq Al wakrah 

Souq al wakrah is one from a calm and enjoyable souq in Qatar , it is on the beach and there are some nice restaurants that you can feel relaxing far from the crowded of Doha city , you will enjoy with your family and friends .al wakrah seafront .

سوق الوكرة

سوق الوكرة سوق الوكرة

7. walk at the pearl Qatar .

Amazing place , it is the pearl area very organized and well designed and colorful buildings with beach view and some friendly coffee shops , also the new Cinema , if you still didn’t visit the pearl so do it and you will do it again and again .

the pearl Doha the pearl Doha the pearl Doha

8. Enjoying around a campfire .

camping is one from the famous activities in the gulf countries and the countries which are rich with desserts , so you need to take your self and book this camping and give your self the chance to seat around the firecamp and fly with your mind and feel the experience of the peaceful in your mind .

9. MIA (museum of Islamic Art )park .

Have a relaxing day and invite your self to see the panoramic view of the west bay from the MIA park , you can enjoy with your family and your kids will enjoy some games also you will find coffee shop on the beach , the atmosphere is taking you in another world just listen to the water waves and sail with your mind and take a big chance of relaxing your mind ,


10. Outdoor exercise at Aspire Zone Park .

The large green area is one from the best thins you will find and enjoy in the Aspire zone park , Walking track , playground for kids , coffee  shops and restaurants , the Spire Zone park is located behind of the Vilaggio Mall , which you can make shopping and round , the surprise if this is the first time for you , so go at night time and enjoy the colorful building inside the mall and the sky ceiling you will feed that you enter another country while you enter from the entrance ,

Every month, thousands emigrate to Qatar, and therefore, Doha has seen touchy development rates in populace. Doha’s populace as of now stands at around one million, with number of inhabitants in the city more than copying in the previous decade. Because of the elevated increase of exiles,

the Qatari lodging business sector saw a deficiency of supply which prompted an ascent in costs and expanded swelling. The hole in the lodging business sector between supply and request has contracted, in any case, and property costs have fallen in certain regions accompanying a period which saw leases triple in certain territories.

While you visit Qatar, voyagers can investigate the characteristic environment of Qatar by taking an electrifying desert safari, unwinding at the numerous shores and pools or simply reveling in their favorite game,

Be it playing rear ways, tennis, snookers, billiards, fairways, ice skating arenas. There is something for every living soul in this glorious spot. Doha, the capital of Qatar is placed part of the way down the east seaboard of promontory. Doha is a significant business and Cultural focus and is joined in a top notch way with the outside planet through state-of-the delineation seaports.

Doha is the most ubiquitous voyage terminus in Qatar. You can find generally everything you will see in urban communities like New York or Barcelona or whatever available cutting edge metropolitan. You can discover numerous lavish shopping centers in Doha where you can purchase any sort of originator dress. A portion of the most magnificent things when you first investigate the city are the cutting edge high rises that shade the horizon of Doha. They are the crest of the up to date construction modeling and Qatari individuals don’t stop there, yet each afterward manufacturing is shockingly better than the past. 

Doha has a subtropical parched atmosphere Temperatures normal over 38 °C (100 °F) from May to September, and stickiness is variable. Dewpoints can surpass 25 °C (77 °F) in the Spring. Throughout the Spring months, the city midpoints essentially no precipitation, and less than 20 mm (0.79 in) throughout different months. 

So actually one of the first stage when you are thinking for visit another country is to know are you need a visa to enter the country or no need as laterly qatar announce that there are some country no need to have visa before go and enjoy your visit, so you can click Here to know if visa is required for you or No.

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