The Best foods for Healthy Bones

The Best foods for Healthy Bones

Healthy food for healthy bonesHealthy food for healthy bones

let us to be agree that a healthy skeletal structure is crucial to helping us to do …… well, so everything. From our teeth, ribs, toes , spine , also legs and arms, to the bones which make up our skull, we need them all to be in strong working condition to perform the daily tasks. That means we need to do all we can to keep them always healthy .

So while many vitamins and minerals that can help in the overall health of our bones, there are two that  will stand out above the rest : they are the calcium and vitamin D . We need the calcium to support our bones and teeth , where as vitamin D is needed to help the absorbing of  the calcium to promote healthy bone growth.

So, lets ask  what are the good sources of calcium and vitamin D that will help keep our bones healthy and strong ?

To help answering this question, her are six foods for healthy bones .

Healthy food for healthy bones

1. Dairy


Sure you have no doubt been told since your childhood that “ milk does a body good ,”  and that you should drink it for strong teeth and bones also . Well, what you were taught all those years ago still holds the true.

Dairy products like milk , cheese and yogurt can contain that all-important calcium . In the fact, one serving of each of these foods will give you up to 30 % of your daily needs . So with many of these items being fortified with The vitamin D , you should have a double dose of the good stuff .

2. Beef liver

The Speaking of cows , it isn’t just calcium that they produce that helps our bones. Inside a cow’s liver is that calcium absorbing substance of the vitamin D. In one serving size (81g), you get 7 % of your recommended daily vitamin D.

3. Dark, leafy greens

Well , if you’re wondering from where those cows get all that calcium , look no further than those heaps of green plants they feed on all the day. And since the grass isn’t the food we humans typically eat , so we have our own that is a little more palatable and chock full of calcium .

The Dark, leafy greens, particularly kale and collard greens are not only extremely healthy, but also are high in calcium. For instance , only one cup of cooked collard greens has 266 mg – a quarter of the amount your body need in a day 

4. Salmon

Eating Fish every dayEating Fish every day

The Salmon is a food many go for to add those all important healthy fats , but most often look past its other benefits  like vitamin D. One ounce of the wild sockeye salmon will give us over ⅓ of our daily vitamin D . therefore, a research team from The Boston University found that the wild salmon to be the top Vitamin D Source compared to the farmed one . So, head over to your local fish market and grab yourself some of the wild stuff .

5. White beans

Beans like the navy bean, great northern, white kidney bean are all examples of white beans, and they all have benefits for bone health. also just like their milky white dairy friends , all these beans pack a big and great  punch when it comes to the calcium, giving you 49% or 484.8mg of calcium per serving .

6. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are the only vegetarian food that can make vitamin D naturally. This is because ergosterol, which is the pro-vitamin contained within mushrooms is converted into vitamin D2 when exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. This process is mostly like what happens when our skin absorbs vitamin when exposed to sun .

Keep in your mind, however, the mushrooms necessary to be exposed to UV rays to contain vitamin D.

7. Eggs

Oh, yes sure the incredible that  edible egg is so good for you in oh , so many ways . It has vitamins , minerals, carbohydrates, fats, and protein. so to make it on that list, it had to have both the calcium and the vitamin D –  which it most definitely has !

Really In only one large egg there are 41 international units (IU) of vitamin D and 28mg of calcium . so you need to Keep in mind that if you want to just eat the whites, you will only be getting 2mg of calcium and absolutely no vitamin D as you need to know that most of the bone healthy nutrients are contained within in the egg’s delicious , creamy yolk .

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