Tentative and non guaranteed bookings

Tentative and non guaranteed bookings

What is the meaning of tentative bookings? 

What do you mean of non guaranteed bookings? 

How to change the booking from non guaranteed bookings to a guaranteed reservation? 

Tentative booking is a non guaranteed reservation

Below more details :

Tentative and non guaranteed bookings ( reservation), There is every day bookings the reservation department or front office team receive some of them are guaranteed and some are tentative and the rest are non guaranteed reservations .

reservation in hotels
Reservation in hotels
  • While reservation clerk taking down the reservation he should inform the guest or the booker about the standard reservation holding time also the release period as per the hotels policy normally the release period in beak season is five pm in arrival date and the suggested view not to take any online guaranteed bookings in the high season as you must be sure about the bookings which you have they will come otherwise you will charge them as you will have the credit card details to guarantee the bookings.


  • Explain to the guest while he make the booking all the applicable reservation holding time.


  • Any non-Guaranteed reservation( Bookings ) with no arrival or flight timing or bookings which are not re-confirmed shall be released by 04:00 PM afternoon time or as per hotel policy .


  • All the non guaranteed bookings will not be held to the next day and these bookings will be cancelled on the same day.


  • All the non-Guaranteed reservation with late night arrival also late night flight timing should be released 4 hours after the flight arrival time on date of arrival.


  • For the Guaranteed bookings with credit-card details , the Room will be blocked and checked in as per hotel policy , or may be amended to the next day after reconfirming with the guest as per the hotel availability .


  • For All the guaranteed bookings no-show’s the room will be checked in to charge ( the night rate ) retention charges and the same will be billed to the guest credit card .


  • In case there is no pickup details or flight details giving by the guest during the booking time , then request the Guest to call back once these details are available to be sure when he will arrive to the hotel.


  • For All the Guaranteed bookings (non – credit card) request the guest to make a deposit before arrival date, As per hotel policy you can also give a cut off date in case guests fail to make the deposit on or before the cut-off date the tentative reservation will be released .


  • Check and confirm with Booker / guest if there is any additional information or requests also  further assistance is required.


  • You need to note down the agreed reservation status (Guaranteed, non-guaranteed, credit card confirmed, deposit , guest request etc.)  on the reservation form.


  • Information obtained must be repeated to ensure accuracy.


  • Thank the guest for the booking in your hotel . if you like to read more about reservation process and very informative please visit this article , tentative bookings , there are a lot of article to read also 
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