Telephone skills for telephone operators

Telephone skills for telephone operators

How to Build Telephone Skills for Telephone Operators ?

What is the telephone ethics?
How to answer the phone in professional manner?
What is the telephone answer skills?

let us start with the agreement that the telephone is one of the main sources of the business, let say the guest find your hotel telephone number in advertisement and  he take a decision to contact by calling , so you are the first one who will deal with him , so you are the first impression for your hotel so do your best to make it very good impression as the first impression stay , Regardless of whom you make the telephone conversation with , it’s essential and very important that you make a positive impression always.

Answering the telephone  calls is an opportunity for  operators staff  / front office agents / hotel staffs to deliver a professional image as well as a positive image for the hotel .

During any conversation by telephone, the below key points should be followed by hotel staff :

  • Always Smile even though you are on the telephone call. When you smile, you Directly  improve your vocal and voice quality, also you will sound pleasant and interested . The smile always making differences .
  • you need to Sit or stand up straight. By sitting or standing up straight, so you’ll be more active and alert also  pay more attention to what is being said to you .
  • always Use a low voice pitch will help you to make the receiver feel comfortable . A lower voice pitch will make your sound more mature and authoritative in all the times.
  • You need to Match your speaking rate to the caller’s. first Let the caller set the tempo of the conversation. For Example, he or she may be in a hurry, In this case you should provide the information more fast and quickly .
  • You should Avoid any extremes in volume. If you talk too loudly, you may sound rude or pushy in your conversation . also If you speak too softly, you may sound timid or uncertain .
  • Avoid any expressions such as “uh-huh” and ” yeah .” these expressions make the speakers sound dull, always indifferent and uninterested .

Sometimes the Front office staff take phone messages for other employees or the hotel guests. the most of front offices teams have a standard telephone message form which they use .

If you answer the phone call , its very  important that you listen carefully and always take accurate written notes while talking with the caller. When you take a telephone message, Don’t forget to get the following information:

  • The Date
  • The Time of the call
  • The Name of the person being called
  • The Callers’ full name
  • The Callers’ department (if the call is internal)
  • The Caller’s company
  • The Caller’s time zone (only if overseas call)
  • the Caller’s Telephone number (and area code , if needed)
  • the Message ( do not abbreviate -you need to provide a full message)
  • And don’t forget to write your name in the end of the message incase the guest need more information to easy contact with you .
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