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Alfanar Islamic center Doha Qatar, beside souq waqif

Tourism in Qatar

Tourism in Qatar as the country has been traditionally concentrated on the population’s favorite destinations abroad. With a population that is made up of 70% expatriates, Qataris used to prefer holidaying in Europe and North America. However, this trend has changed dramatically over the past few years with Qataris now preferring their own country for […]

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Doha attractions and activities

Places to visit in Doha Qatar

Tours in Doha Qatar JFK to Doha  Doha to toronto flight Doha to perth 10 Days In Qatar Tour: Best Tours To Do In Qatar. An Overview Of The Best Ways To Visit Qatar’s Landmarks. An Unbiased Tour Guide To The Top Tourist Attractions In Doha. A Guide to the Best Tours in Doha: What […]

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Katara culture village in photos

Katara culture village Doha, What can you see in katara culture village Doha? Best places to visit in katara culture village The best collection of photos and views you can see on katara culture village , when you enter The Katara culture village you will have the mixing of to feeling which is the old […]

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Things to do on Qatar National Sport Day

Things to do on Qatar National Sport Day What is the free activities and places I can participate sports free of charge? What is the offers and places make special discounts on the occasion of Qatar national sport day? All these derails you will find here in this article. Hope to enjoy reading. National sports […]

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The most useful souvenirs to buy in Qatar?

What is the most useful travel souvenirs to buy in Qatar? the most useful travel souvenirs for your family members and friends to buy in Qatar | the best Qatar Souvenirs | which souvenirs to buy in Qatar | What can you buy in Doha as souvenirs | Doha souvenirs All these inquires can come […]

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Doha skyline tours

Qatar national library in words

What are you expecting to see in the Qatar national library? Which design you will see in Qatar national library? Qatar national library is mixed between the very modern design and the culture of the region and the Geography shapes. The biggest and newest also the modern Qatar National Library. Are you been here ? […]

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Doha metro station

Secrets of the best ways to reach the shopping malls in qatar using the metro.

How to reach malls in qatar by metro stations? Villaggio mall metro station name AlAziziya metro station  City center metro station name is the DECC metro station and you will get out behind city center so you will enter from the back entrance of the mall, also you will find beside you the convenient center.  […]

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2022 Qatar world cup stadiums

Really it was a fantastic experience when the FIFA Arab cup organise in Qatar as it was like a good impression about what we can see in world cup 2022,here we will see 2022 Qatar world cup stadiums The Guide of the Qatar stadiums for FIFA WORLD CUP. Find Out About ALL the Stadiums Before […]

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Doha cornich

List of things to do in Doha

Best List of things to do in Doha Qatar    Doha is the capital of Qatar and if you are travelling by Qatar airways or you have stopover or layover as some body call , so you will spend some hours in Doha City ,   so we do our best to find for you […]

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What you know about IAAF world athletics championships Doha 2019 ?

We all hear about The IAAF World Athletics Championships in Doha 2019 . Commonly referred to as the World Championships in Athletics (WCH) , is a biennial athletics event organized by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) . Which originally held every four years , the first one was in 1983, the current two-year cycle began in year 1991 […]

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