Souq Waqif -Doha-Qatar

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Souq Waqif -Doha-Qatar

Souq Waqif is one of the best places in Qatar which attract visitors from all over the world to spend nice time , there you can smell the old history with modern style as the age of souq in the same site is almost 250 years old though it was rebuilt in the 1970s , and they put in consideration while recreate the buildings the same shape so when you see the buildings you feel that you are in an old town ,

Souq waqif Doha qatar
Souq waqif Doha qatar

you can enjoy with your friends or family the nice atmosphere and the tasty food and shisha  .

there you can find some restaurants where you find a variety of Middle Eastern dishes from Yemani to Persian cuisine while Al Tawash specializes in Traditional Qatari dishes and AlEker for oriental sweets  .  coffees also during the evening time they start with music band with some traditional songs which made you feel happy, the place is very nice and clean .

Souq waqif
Souq Waqif Tours

If you are visiting Qatar as tourist or stay there so this is the best place you can find spices which you look for , so just you will take taxi to Souq waqif and you will find a wide variety of spices  , also I don’t like to forget one of the best traditional drinks in Qatar which is name : Karak كرك

what is the Karak ? or How to make the Karak Tea ?

It is the traditional drink in Qatar which contain ( Tea , Milk , Cardamom ) i like it very much and it is tasty tea. don’t forget to try it .

Souq waqif Doha Tours
Souq waqif , Tours in Qatar

there are some boutiques hotel in souq waqif area , so if you are late and need to take rest so it is easy to go and make direct booking or through any online booking sites ,

Souq waqif Doha
Souq waqif Doha qatar #doha #qatar# #dohatours

People who like to make Henna in their hands so you will find some Professional people in souq waqif they have some samples you can choose from them and they will draw on your hand and you will like it very much .

You will find also some silver shops , and Horse place so you can enjoy the memories photos there .

Souq Waqif Doha Tours
Tours in Qatar

Beside you can find the Gold market where you can find some from the best gold shops in Qatar with very nice variety , all these attractions and still more you can find in Souq Waqif .

Opening hours for shops and some restaurants from 7:30 AM-12:30 PM and 3:30 PM -22:00 PM .

Other Souqs in Doha :

Falcon souq ,Gold souq , souq waqif Al wakrah .

So actually one of the first stage when you are thinking for visit another country is to know are you need a visa to enter the country or no need as laterly qatar announce that there are some country no need to have visa before go and enjoy your visit, so you can click Here to know if visa is required for you or No.

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