SOP – Do’s and Don’ts in Front Office

SOP – Do’s and Don’ts in Front Office

SOP – Do’s and Don’ts in Front Office

Do and Do not in front office SOP
Do and Do not in front office SOP

1. Greet every body you see with warm and welcoming smile.

2. Keep eye contact with the guest when you talk to him .

3. When you are talking with the guest say his Name as much as possible, as example, hello Mr. Mark, how are you today? , How may I assist you Mr. Mark? , so always offer your assistance.

4.Never talk about any personal life with the guest. Or you are tired from work, also don’t talk about the salary. Don’t involve the guest for your personal life.

5. If the Guest ask for directions go with him and guide the way.

6. Keep the reception area clean and tidy. And follow up if there is any items misplaced and correct it as soon as possible. Some times after guest seat on the lobby sofa, you need to check and be sure it is in good condition and looking good, as the lobby area is giving the fist impression about the service in the hotel, so keep it clean and tidy always.

7. If there is a guest come to reception to complaint for any thing, don’t interrupt him, just listen and let him vent it out, after he finish all his talking, start to take comments and deal with complaint personally, so you need to contact with the concerned department, and follow up until every thing is solved, follow up with the guest and be sure that he is satisfied with the service.

8. argue with the guest under any circumstances, keep in your mind always that you are working to serve the guest.

9. Do not raise your voice with the guest name or the room number during the check in time specially if there is another guest near by. It is enough to show him the room number on the key card holder.

10. Never insult the guest.

11. Never chewing gum in work.

12. Do not let the reception telephone ring more than three rings,

13. Do not come late to your duty. You need to come early to have completed hand over from the previous shift.

14. Keep your look is fresh and crispy with clean and tidy uniform.

15. Do not use strong perfume smell,

16. Do not eat in the reception area.

17. Do not make any promise to the guest which exceeding your authority.

18. Try to be always calm. With taking long breath and take your time when you are thinking before give any decision.

18. If you see that decision is not in your authority contact with your supervisor or your manager to handle the guest complaint,

19. Do not reply to the guest with defensive manner

20. If the guest complaint, do not put the blame to any of your colleagues in the work, take it personally and solve it as soon as you can.

21. Keep all the handover points written in the logbook clearly for the next shift. And read it to the next shift before you left the reception area, so they will not call you after your work time asking about the details of these points, just before you finish and during the hand over you need to give full explanation with details about each points you wrote in the logbook during your shift.

22. Do not use slang language with the guest. Keep it formal as much as you can.

23. Do not run in reception. Or lobby area, maximum you can walk fast, but don’t run.

23.Donot overuse your telephone on reception area.

24. When the guest make payment for his room you need to give him a receipt with the amount which paid.

25. Keep distance when you are talking with the guest.

26. Smoking cigar only in the specific places for smoking, and clean your hands and mouth after finish.

27. Do not wear too much accessories, only allowed in the work one ring and watch for the man and for ladies one ring and simple earring and watch.

28. Ask the guest for his preferable room during the check in, as this will reduce the room changing.

29. Keep your telephone silent during your shift.

30. Do not leave reception area without attendants.

31. Record any incident happen during your shift in incident report. Do not in close any guest information to another guest or any body, as these are secrets and no body has the right to no it.

32. Ladies who work in front office, do not put too much makeup, just make it simple.





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