Skills,attitude and knowledge

Skills,attitude and knowledge

Knowledge, skills, and attitude:

Skills, knowledge and attitude
Skills, knowledge, attitude

Attitude skills, and Knowledge all the three elements put together from a success formula. It is a well-known fact that any person with a remarkable blend of all a human being with lots of the above mentioned 3 characteristics will come out as a human being lots of intelligence, leadership qualities stand mentoring abilities these also in hotels and hospitality sector , as each department in the hotel need to have these three aspects of achieving the success front office department . But the question is, can any one of these attributes stand alone and guide a person to the zenith? The answer is probably no.
As we all know and understand that in the present area of competitiveness and naivety every individual is expected to be skill.

Skills, knowledge and attitude
Skills, attitude and knowlede

Full knowledgeable and also must possess a correct set of attitudes which is universally acceptable. A person with only a bucket full of skills required to complete a task with a very less amount of knowledge on the subject and probably with a poor attitude cannot be considered useful for an organization for the long time.

Skills – Goal setting, Study skills, Time management, Exam Skills, Focus
Attitude – Self Motivation, Achievement, Stress Management, Enthusiasm, Confidence.
Knowledge – Physics, Chemistry, Math’s/Bio

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