Places to visit in Doha Qatar

Museum of Islamic Art Doha

Places to visit in Doha Qatar

we will take you for an information tour around Doha  ,  lets start with one of the famous museums in Doha

1: Museum of Islamic Art 

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if you are searching for cultural model from the past , even flawed ones , that effectively brought a message of social change , then this museum, with its breathtaking sights is the one you look for . matched by equally breathtaking artifacts and exhibition , what you discover inside is art from across three continents and over 1400 years . Address : Al Corniche Street

2: Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art

this is the best choice for the lover of modern art , easily you can find your way to education city , the city home of this culture gem that offers an arab prespective on art . the museum has a sizable collection of permanent exhibits which occupy seven galleries in the upper floor as well as a dedicated space for various temporary artists. it is a very interesting place to visit . Address : Education City

3: Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum 

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this one3 of the nice privet museum which open for public , houses astonishing personal collections of the sheikh , and these collections are in three huge building , the most prominent collection of this museum is for cars. there are too much rare cars in the museum starting from model T Ford , up to presidential Mercedes Benz , and many of others ,other  interesting exhibits are the collections carpets , gun , swords and various artifacts , you will enjoy this visit as this old models of car will take you to the history of each car type . Address : Al samariyah Ash-Shahaniya

4. Msheireb Museum

the museum is beautifully laid out over for heritage houses in which the local history and culture of downtown Doha is delivered in very interactive and dynamic way of connecting the past with the present . don’t be surprise if you are emotionally moved by when you hear unique accounts of the story of slavery and human trafficking , as told in a factual yet sensitive way. Address : Downtown Msheireb

5. Fire Station Artist in Residence 

it is the next big aspiring artists in Doha, the fire station is literally a creative incubator for emerging talent ,sitting in the heart of Doha’s flourishing art community , the fire station provides the perfect springboard for creativity , helping people take their passion to the next level , easy you can call and know who is the artist in the residence or you can surprise your self and take the chance with a new appreciation of modern art . Address : Mohammed Bin Thani Street.

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