Layover in Doha Qatar

Layover in Doha Qatar

if you have Qatar airways long layover , Qatar airways layover Doha , Qatar airways Stopover , Any kind of stopover in Doha So this Article will help you and will be useful for you , Read until the end …

Doha attractions and activities
Doha attractions and activities

Qatar Airways sometime make some offers under the name of  STPC transit hotel Stay for customers who are face an extended transit times  (between 8 to 24 hours) in Doha, en-route to their final destination depending on the fare and route purchased .To learn more about the transit accommodation service, please you can contact with them

The Qatar Airways Tower 1 , Near Al Manna Building, Airport Road

Doha , Qatar

Working hours : Daily Starting 07:00and close at 23:00

Tel : +974 4022 6000

or contact with your local Qatar Airways office .

Please note : The STPC transit hotel accommodation program is a different service from the Qatar Airways Holidays Stopover program.

layover in Doha Qatar

On your next travel passing by Qatar airport . This will give you the good chance to book an extended layover in Doha for the night and you need to take any opportunity to see a new city . Normally when booking flights you can book a longer flight sometime with little or no extra cost. This is how to spend your layover in Doha, Qatar.

Arriving at the Doha international Airport

Hamad International Airport was built in April 2014 and it is very efficient. you need to be fast and move straight to the passenger pickup area . If you checked your bag to your final destination it is not necessary  to pick it up in Doha . as your bag will arrive to your final destination .

Visa on Arrival Information

So actually one of the first stage when you are thinking for visit another country is to know are you need a visa to enter the country or no need as laterly qatar announce that there are some country no need to have visa before go and enjoy your visit, so you can click Here to know if visa is required for you or No.

Visa to qatar
Visa checker, visa required, travel urgent visa, visa for Traveller

Visas can be obtained on arrival in Qatar tourist visas can be obtained on arrival by tourists coming from the below countries: the Vatican City, Andorra, the United Kingdom, Ireland Iceland , Australia , United State of America, Austria , The Netherlands, Spain, Belgium , Brunei, Switzerland , Denmark , Canada , South Korea ,  Monaco , Singapore , Germany , France , Finland , Sweden Greece , Hong Kong , Liechtenstein, Italy , Japan, Luxemburg , New Zealand, Norway , Portugal , san Marino,  and Malaysia for a cost of 100 riyals. You can  obtain a joint visa (Qatar/ Oman) but you will still have to go first through the Qatar port A visa on arrival in Qatar will cost you QAR 100 (about $28 USD). This visa you can be paid directly to the immigration officer . normally They will accept credit or debit cards. also It is possible to apply online before arriving . but actually the process will be also fast so it will not safe too much time .also the cash payment available

Transportation Info

When you exit immigration and customs the arrival hall , you will have all the information about buses and taxis. If you will have less than 10-hours layover in Doha you would want to consider pre-booking a tour or taxi from the airport .

Doha Airport to City Center

The Taxis (Karwa )are metered and the starting fare from Hamad International Airport is about QAR 30 ($8 USD) but expect to pay may be more to that depending on where the hotel is located. try to Be sure to have some Qatari Riyal with you before use the taxi as it is only the currency accepted .

The Buses are also available as well and located outside airport the arrival terminal to the right side . Bus fare can only be paid with the Karwa Smartcard. you can purchase a Karwa Smartcard from the bus driver and also there are two options you can choose from them :

Karwa Smartcard 24 hours Limited

The card costs QAR 10 ($4 USD) and is valid for only two trips (within  Doha city) in a period of 24 hours from the first time you use it.

Karwa Smartcard 24 hours Unlimited

The card costs QAR 20 ($8 USD) and is valid for unlimited trips (all Qatar) in a period of 24 hours starting from the first time you use .

Things to Do on Your Doha Layover

if you have a full night in Doha so that meant there will be extra time to explore all the city. or If you only have an afternoon you need to pick a few highlights to make the most of your layover in Qatar .

1. Visit Doha Fort

2. Visit Souq Waqif 

3. The Museum of Islamic Art

4. You can Go for dune bashing desert

5. The traditional Dhow cruise

6. Enjoy Doha panorama night

Also Visit the Al Maha Sanctuary

My Advise to you to make pre booking for your tours so you will not lose any moment from your time looking for taxi or transportation , so book the tours and keep your mind only focus on the city attraction .

Also you can enjoy Some of qatar layover tour

Also you can take the option of say near to the Airport so you will find the best doha layover hotel

Please feel free to write in the comments below if you would like to add information csn help the other who read the article..

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