Journey Planner

Journey Planner

The journey planner nowadays is your smart phone , planning to travel is one of the most complicated thing that someone can do , because of the too much details which needed to be done including booking, selection of hotel and prices and quality of service as you find your self start to compare between the hotels and also the flight, changing currency ,entertainment , dinning options .

So actually one of the first stage when you are thinking for visit another country is to know are you need a visa to enter the country or no need as laterly qatar announce that there are some country no need to have visa before go and enjoy your visit, so you can click Here to know if visa is required for you or No.

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Your smart phone applications can solve all these challenges which will face you and make it so easy as you can plan your journey starting from the first moment go out from your home until come back .

So we will give a list of the famous applications which are necessary for each traveler who need to plan for his journey .


 1. Translation Apps 

The language is one of the main obstacle which face the travelers when they plan and take decision  for traveling to a foreign destinations , the smart phone has the solution as you can easy download one of the language translation apps and I will mention the most popular applications in this regards  , Universal tourist and Tourist travel language aid .

2. Weather Forecast 

The weather forecast application is so important for travelers to give him the chance to choose the right time and the right destination , cloths , and let him enjoy and avoid the bad weather during his journey , the popular Applications in this regard are Weather live free and Weather bundle .

3. currency convertor 

One of the first and important things the traveler think during the planning his journey is the change currency which is not very easy because of some dealers try to exploit the tourist by raising the exchange rate and play with the price of service tax so it will be easy for you to manage and know the exactly exchange currency on time as these applications updated every moment. the most popular Application in this regard are XE currency convertor and currency convertor plus .

4. Expenses 

While you planning for journey you will allocate a budget , but in many cases there are some exceeding of the budget , so this one of the important applications which will help you to manage your expenses and track it. the popular application is Expense tracker 

5. Travel Checklist 

When you getting ready for your new trip you will need to use the traveler checklist application as it will take care of all your belongings along the journey . so don’t worry whether it is a pleasure  trip , business tour or a family outing . this application can help in all of these kind . also the application offer some useful advices and instructions about what must be done and things need to be carried like first aid or medicine and necessary documents . the popular application in this regard is Travel Checklist  .

6. Travel Diary

While you are traveling you need to record the best moments and the memorable activities during your trip so you will need the application which allow you to write the notes and take photos , video clips all in one place , also share it on the social media . the popular applications in this regard are Travel Diary and Journey-diary , journal .

7. Food Spotting 

This application is important and best guide to good food and where the traveler can find it , the traveler can share the photos and telling their experiences during their visit to different places , and there are three option for the application you can filter with , the latest , the best , the nearest . the popular application in this regard is FoodSpotting .

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