Qatar national library in words

Qatar national library in words

What are you expecting to see in the Qatar national library?

Doha attractions and activities
Doha attractions and activities

Which design you will see in Qatar national library?

Qatar national library is mixed between the very modern design and the culture of the region and the Geography shapes.

The biggest and newest also the modern Qatar National Library.

Are you been here ?

If you want to visit the library ?

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It is a fantastic idea and design so when viewed from the main entrance, this is one of the futuristic-looking library takes the shape of an enormous wonderful diamond.

Here you will see one of the huge undulating glass panels which cover the vast majority of the building’s sides, letting natural light in whilewhich keeping the heat out . Inside, the building is expansive, with a high sloping ceiling and multi-layered bookshelves which give you the feeling of being in an amphitheater stuffed with intriguing titles.

The Qatar National Library (QNL) was designed by renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. The 484,375-square-foot building which opened in November 2017 and is now one the best literaries and the academic treasures.

QNL is a mixed of various collections, which seem to function as their own mini libraries. One collection includes this University and Research Library, that aims to support the academic research in all fields of study. Another part holds the works within Metropolitan Public Library, that caters to the general public also includes dedicated mini libraries for children and teens. Lastly, the Heritage Library contains ancient Arabic publications and some manuscripts, historical maps, scientific instruments, and early photographs of the gulf region. This particular part is especially dedicated to both preserving and studying these fascinating finds.

This Combination from these three collections contain more than one million books, periodicals, and other items. Interestingly, the design of the library building does not separate the distinct collections. Visitors are freely to move from one section to the other and can drift between all the various webs of knowledge with the complete fluidity.

Between other innovative features, the Qatar national library is equipped with a visible state of the art automatic book sorting system which uses the technology known as the radio-frequency identification RFID . This high technology system explains the ubiquity of signs which instructing users not to replace books on the shelves by them selves , as the library prefers to let the machines handle the sorting and stocking to make sure that everything’s where it should be.

What you need to Know before You Go to the library?
The Qatar national library is open to the public, so anyone with a Qatari ID can apply and also obtain free membership. Also he will be able to borrow the books which he need , All the members will gain the access to the online international academic databases also specialized journals. Also there are  addition to study rooms, computers, and photocopying machines, visitors also can use the musical instruments and 3D printers. So if you live in Doha do not miss the chance of this enjoyable experience in the Qatar national library.

You will not regret this decision as you will find a lot to do thier, the place is very nice and tidy clean, do it and sure you will enjoy, if you have children so it will be one of the best places as they will enjoy this outi

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