Housekeeping Public Area Cleaning

Housekeeping Public Area Cleaning

Hotel Public area cleaning

Public areas are the common places and facilitates accessible to in house guest and non-resident guest. Guest requires common areas to meet, sit and carry other activities. The place comes under the are lobby, restaurants, bars, banquets, and other Food and Beverage Outlets. Public area cleaning is the most important and challenging task for hotel / hospitality housekeeping. Since most of the public areas are highly traffic area, housekeeping maintains a deep cleaning schedule for those areas at night and regular cleaning and maintenance during the day time.

Public area cleaning

a) Entrance– Guest get their 1st impression of hotel from the entrance lobby. Entrances which are not cleaned and maintained daily, it will become unpleasant for the guest due to heavy traffic and exposure. The maintenance and cleaning of the entrance and the door is important . So proper and daily cleaning is required in this areas. Normally cleaning is done at night.

b) LobbiesThese are the common meeting points of the guest near the reception. Many lobbies are carpeted while others are hard flooring. Floors in the lobbies are need to be cleaned frequently., since these are spaces where guest interact., relax etc. Lobbies may have high ceilings elaborate chandelier which are difficult to clean so it is cleaned at night. The daily cleaning tasks involves

  • Public area cleaning of waste paper bins and ashtrays at
  • Flower arrangement should be done daily as a part of Public area cleaning.
  • Glass surface and windows to be cleaned daily.
  • Doors and door knobs to be dusters and cleaned daily.
  • Any stain on the carpets and upholstery should be cleaned immediately.
  • Hard floor should be mopped regularly.

3. Front officeHousekeeping department is responsible for this Public area cleaning and maintaining of front office because front office is the face of the hotel. So daily cleaning of the department is required. Mopping of the floor, dusting of the furniture and fixture and vacuuming of carpets are essentials.

4. Elevators Elevators must be cleaned at the time of day when it is least used. The necessary boards indicating the cleaning is carried out must be displayed promptly. Elevators doors are made of steel. In steel door shows lots of grease marks from finger easily. Elevators should be cleaned daily and more through cleaning may be done on periodic basic.

5. Stair caseStair case should be cleaned when there is less traffic. While cleaning of staircase care should be taken that dart and dust do not fall down words.

6. Guest corridorsWhile cleaning of the corridors necessary boards indicating the public area cleaning is carried on must be displayed prominently. Carpets in the corridors should be vacuumed daily. The cleaning tasks of the guest corridors are as follows

  • Carpets should be vacuumed regularly.
  • The wall skirting should be cleaned regularly.
  • Any finger marks on the walls should be cleaned immediately.
  • All the wall painting should be dusted every day.

7. Banquet hallBanquet hall mainly used for conferences, weddings exhibition etc. So proper public area cleaning is required for this department. The cleaning includes mopping of floor, vacuuming of the floor carpets regular dusting of fixture and furniture are required.

8. Health club – Health club is another hotel facility provided to the guest to exercise and work out. So proper cleaning of machine is required daily because it is the busiest ares. The cleaning tasks of the health club are as follows

  • Proper dusting of equipments.
  • Damp dusting of furniture
  • Cleaning of glass and window panel.
  • Cleaning of carpet floor
  • Removing of soil linens and replacing with the fresh linen for future use.

9. Swimming PoolRegular Public area cleaning and disinfecting of swimming pool is important for the point of hygiene. If is not regularly cleaned swimming pool may becomes carries of water borne disease.

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