Housekeeping department training

Housekeeping department training

The housekeeping department is one from the main factor in the hotels , as mainly hotels reputation come from the services which offer to their guests , and the cleaning service is the main element which make difference between hotels , so the hotel need to be always shiny , tidy and clean . and this is the responsibility of the housekeeping Department in hotels.


S.O.P for Bed Making

Preparing for Bed Making:

Housekeeping is cleaning and if you start clean  must make it super clean .

  • Remove soiled bed linen from the bed.
  • Look at the mattress pad / mattress protector to see if it is stained, torn or damaged. If it is not straighten it and make sure the mattress and box spring are even.
  • Always adjust the mattress with your leg and not with your back to avoid any injuries.If the mattress pad is stained then remove it.
  • Get a clean mattress pad and place it on the mattress:
  • Lay the fresh pad on the bed.
  • Unfold the pad right-side up and spread it evenly over the center of the bed.
  • Smooth out any wrinkles.
  • Mattress pads / mattress protector comes in different size, be sure to use the correct size.
  • Make sure you have the correct size sheets.
  • Do not use a stained or torn sheet. Place them immediately in your solid linen bag.
  • Take three fresh sheets and 04 pillow cover / slips as per the bed size.

Making the bed:

  • Pull the bed a little away from the headboard.
  • Spread the 1st bed sheet and tuck the bottom side of the bed except for the four corners.
  • Take the loose end of the sheet, about a foot from the corner at the head of the bed and pull it straight out, foaming a flap. Pull up the flap so it is flat.
  • Tuck in the free part of the corner.
  • Pull the flap out toward you and down over the side of the bed. Tuck the flap in.
  • Move to the corner at the foot of the bed on the same side of the bed and repeat the procedure.
  • Spread the second sheet the wrong side up, from the edge of mattress.
  • Put Quilt 6” lower than the 2nd sheet.
  • Spread the third sheet over the quilt.
  • Fold the second sheet above the quilt and the third sheet and make a fold approximately 6” to 8”.
  • Tightly tuck the sheets under the mattress.
  • Go towards the foot of the bed and tightly tuck the second sheet, quilt and third sheet together.
  • Maitre the corners.
  • Inset the pillows into the new pillowcase and tuck in the loose ends.
  • Repeat this process for the other pillows.
  • Place the pillow on the bed with the tucked edges facing the center and the tucked flaps on the other side of the pillows.
  • Position the bedspread on the bed with equal amounts hanging over both sides and the foot of the bed.
  • Report to the supervisor if you notice stains or tears in the bedspread.
  • Smooth the bedspread over the pillows to the head of the bed.
  • Tuck the remaining of the bedspread under the front edge of the pillows.
  • Smooth the surface of the bed.
  • Check the bedspread for evenness on both sides.
  • Push back bed towards the side of headboard in the exact position.
  • All the four corners of the bed is mitered properly. Bed linen is stain free and properly pressed. Bed has to be firm.
  • Distance of the pillow from Headboard to the fold of the bed is approximately 20CM .

SOP – Housekeeping – Cleaning Bathroom tiles and Mirror

Department: Housekeeping – Guest Room

Cleaning tiles: 

  • Apply diluted cleaning solution on to the scrubber and scrub top to bottom ensuring dirt/hair are removed from the tiles.
  • Clean small area of the tile and grout and then dry with a sponge.
  • Wet sponge with hot water and remove detergent.Tiles have to be cleaned daily with diluted Cleaning solution.
  • They have to wipe dry, leaving no body fats or streaks on the tiles.
  • Recheck all tiles to ensure no dirty streaks are left on the tiles.
  • Care has to be taken around toilet and bathtub to make sure all tiles are dry.
  • Wipe all surfaces with a dry cloth.

Cleaning mirrors:

  • Use a damp sponge with water only to wipe the mirror.
  • Glass cleaner is not recommended for cleaning mirrors because it may leave streaks.
  • Dry and polish the mirror with a dry cloth.
  • Wipe entire area of glass.
  • Check for smudges and re-wipe.
  • From a distance check the mirror for stains and marks and leave the mirror spotlessly clean.
  • All glass surfaces have to be clean and shiny.

Cleaning of drain:

  • Spray small amount of cleaning solution on the drain cores.
  • Scrub with Scrubber on top and below of drain cores.
  • Wash with clean water.
  • Mop the drain cover and remove any ace of water from the drain cores or holes.
  • Drain holes not to have signs of dirt building or moping.  They are to be left smelling fresh.

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