Housekeepers Cleaning Secrets

Housekeepers Cleaning Secrets

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Housekeeping department in hotels is very important and should have more care from the management as this department is responsible to make the hotel clean and shiny all the time so whenever and wherever the guest pass must be clean area and fresh atmosphere , may be you think that housekeepers has secrets in the cleaning the other people don’t know so in this article we will focus on some of these secret tricks as below :

  1. Water with white vinegar are mixed together in bottle like 1/4 vinegar and 3/4 water . they use this liquid in the kitchen and polishing and buffing the floor after cleaning so you see the floor shiny
  2. They always use tooth brush in their hands to reach the small parts between the tiles in the bathroom and around the bottom screws of a toilet as this also very hard part to be reached .
  3. They keep all what they need in the cart so no need to spend time looking for the items , once they start there shift first thing they prepare the trollies with every thing they may need during the cleaning process , they arrange the trollies to help them find what they need as fast as they can saving time .
  4. They always have a piece of microfiber cloth for efficient dusting or Cotton cloth 100%  and avoid polyster as actually they create more dust .Cleaning . housekeeping
  5. Cleaning drapes will be fast and efficient if you use hand towel and whack in between and make deep cleaning . as the vacuum will not reach all the small parts .
  6. they always vacuum before mop to avoid have hair on the floor as it will be ver difficult to remove after mopping . as we say clean your steps so from the far corner to the door until you go out and close the door .Cleaning
  7. they always make the bathroom last to minimize the bacterial transfer in the room .
  8. They know that products which they use taking time to be effective so they can spray the product and give some times and come back to finish the task to find the product affect already and do the best of it .
  9. Rotate the mattress up to be down and right to be left every three months to avoid pushing in one side of the mattress  and make balance and sure increase the life of the mattress .
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