Hotel Telephone operator

Hotel Telephone operator

The telephone operator clerk is one of the most important in the hotels as he is the first one who will receive the telephone calls from the guest who need to make booking in your hotel ,

there is two kinds of telephone calls in hotels :

The first is the outside telephone calls and these may be will come from guest or from travel agency which will ask for making reservations.

In this case you will notice the telephone number as will shown in the operator console full number like 66666666 or from outside the country started by 00 or + followed by eleven numbers like 00*********** .

The telephone greeting for the out side calls will be : Good morning (afternoon or evening) Thanks for calling ( Your hotel Name ), operator and your name , How may I assist you .

The second is the in inside calls and these will come from the inhouse guest asking for information or making orders (cleaning, maintenance , walk up calls , etc.

In these cases you will notice the number which will show in the operator console as room numbers or outlets extensions also the management offices .

The greeting in this case will be :

Good morning (afternoon, evening)Operator (your name ) How may I assist you .

Telephone Operator’s Basic Skills :

  • Bilingual
  • High ability to communicate with others.
  • Telephone techniques and behavior.
  • Equipment & materials usage skills .
  • Automated wakeup call system usage .
  • Sense of directions skills.
  • Financial awareness.
  • Product awareness .
  • Property’s policies and procedures awareness .
  • evacuation plans awareness.



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