Hotel Security Check list

Hotel Security Check list

Hotel Security Self Inspection Checklist

Since Transient guest do not have the sense of territory or the ability to easily recognize intruders as intruders  that neighbors in a residential community have effective physical security in needed to reduce their vulnerability.

An Effort should be made to develop a self inspection or survey form tailored to the property. Below points should be considered while creating a checklist.

  • What Problems are created by the community in which the property is located ?
  • What is the potential for civil disorder, vandalism, or similar security incidents?
  • Does the traffic pattern around the property create special problems?
  • Are there areas or zones for control of traffic when deliveries are being made, bus tours are loading or unloading, guests begin arriving in their own vehicles, cabs etc.?
  • Are there problems of loitering, begging or solicitation outside pedestrian entrances to the hotel?
  • Is there easy access to major roadways which could permit a robber to make a quick escape by high speed roadways?
  • What is the ease of access for police? The fire Department and other emergency services?
  • Are driveway provided?
  • Do one-way streets adjacent to the property permit easy routing of traffic to and from the location.
  • Are underground access routes available?
  • Is there adequate illumination in all exterior areas including streets, passageways, walkways, alleys, delivery areas etc. ?
  • Is there an adequate supply of water in the event of a fire emergency?
  • Is there auxiliary pumping capacity in the event of failure within the local water system or loss of power on the property?
  • Is there easy access to a water source for the fire department?
  • Is there danger of illegal entry into the property through underground service routes, tunnels, sewers, subways, manholes etc. ?
  • Could there be access from adjacent buildings over the roof or through adjacent windows?
  • Are windows and doors secured between the hotel or motel and adjacent structures?
  • Is there a fire danger from the neighboring structures?
  • What dangers are present for arriving or departing employees?
  • What transportation facilities are available to employees in addition to private motor vehicles ?
  • Are parking facilities adequate and safe for serving the needs of the employees and guests ?
  • Is there an adequate guard service, police service, or surveillance system to protect the guests and employees using parking facilities ?
  • Are safe employees entrances and receiving areas provided?
  • Are appropriate security personnel or system provided ?
  • Are there dangers for guests arriving at the door by taxi or other public transportation?
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