Front office Staff Rules and Regulations

Front Office Staff Rules and Regulations

  • Front Office management
    Front Office management

    Arrive in time, inspired and motivated.

  • Dress up properly and maintain high grooming standard.
  • Remember that you are the mirror of the Hotel,
  • so they put you in the front line and for that you need to be always fresh,
  • good grooming , keep your reception desk tidy and clean ,
  • The reception area should always has good smell.
  • Nice music in the lobby area will make good atmosphere .
  • Smile naturally on stage and backstage.
  • Be proactive and motivate each other.
  • There is no mine, everything is ours.
  • Even if smoking is not good for you,
  • you are only allowed to smoke in the designated staff area.
  • (As per hotel policy)
  • After smoking, please consider our guests and colleagues,
  • wash your hands & take a mouthwash or mint.
  • Breaks are important but don’t take extensive ones.
  • Never Ever leave your Desk unattended.
  • Always communicate your position with your team mates.
  • Keep your eyes open,
  • Observe and check our environment permanently.
  • Report any irregularity.
  • It’s your responsibility to keep our hotel clean,
  • maintained and stylish.
  • Every guest is a VIP.
  • Never say I don’t know or/and it’s not my job,
  • always offer an alternative.
  • Chewing doesn’t look good on you.
  • Don’t lean on the wall, the wall can stand by himself.
  • Keep your mobile on silent mode and do not speak on mobile in the guest areas.
  • Don’t hide your mistake, Instead learn from it.
  • Do not disclose guest details: like profiles,
  • C.C No. and current guest balance outside the hotel.
  • Dispose (by shredding) any outdated internal or guest documents after a specific period of time.
  • Mask guest Credit Card no. when implying on emails.
  • Never say out the guest room number,
  • Instead point out the room number displayed on the key card or indicate which floor they will be allocated on.
  • Always confirm guest detail discreetly before renewing loss card key.
  • Be cautious with money.
  • Don’t promise with something not from your authorities .
  • keep the respective distance between you and the guest.
  • Don’t use your cell phone in the front of guest .
  • Donot use the hotel telephone for any private calls. This only for business calls.

Check In Procedures


The first impression of the guest for your hotel is the first people whom contacted with him ,

So if we have the door man or the concierge or the bellman in the front of the hotel door or in the entrance he will assist the guest to get out of their car and assist them with welcoming an warm greeting to the reception desk ,

so the reception role is coming as the guest will come to reception informing them if he has booking or if he would like to make the booking in the same time of the arrival time .

The receptionist will welcome the guest and talk with him in courtesy asking him about his trip to the hotel or how is his day and start the check in procedures which is :

  1. Ask the guest for his ID or passport . to make the booking .
  2. start to make the booking on the system with putting ( the arrival date -departure date -first name -last name – stay nights – room type -meal plan – source of the booking – the method of the payment )
  3. After you insert all these information on the system you will receive the confirmation number of the booking .
  4. you will ask the guest if he has any preferences like ( sea view -pool view -high floor – low floor -beside the outlets ) so once you receive these details it will make easy to you for making the room allocation . and you will block one room for the guest .
  5. the payment methods in hotels you need to know : ( cash payment – Payment by checks – Payment through travel agency Vouchers – Payment by Credit card – Payment by Local purchase order LPO . )

The Duties of the front office cashier :

  1. Prepare the invoices for the guest .
  2. Collect the payment from the guest  .
  3. Accept the credit card and be sure it is valid .
  4. prepare the invoices and send to the credit department to collect from the credit companies .
  5. Add the bills to the guest invoices .
  6. He provide the guest with the safe box as requested .
  7. Deal with the tourism checks .
  8. Making the paid out form and add to the guest account.
  9. check the reports which come out from the credit card machines and the computers before starting his shift .

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