Front office SOP check in

Front office SOP check in

SOP for front office staff at check in time

Check in SOP front office
Reception check-in procedures, front office check in SOP

Initially let me focus on the sentence of “Reception staff who giving the first impression for the hotel, and front office department is the mirror of the service so keep the first impression for the guest as happy by your warm welcoming and smiley face that you see him or her, treat with each guest as special, your guest need to feel that you are serving him with happiness from your heart inside, you will ask me how the guest know or feel that I am happy from inside when I welcome him. I will reply you that the guest will understand as they are human like you and me and sure not every one see you and say good words to you he mean it, and you are understanding if he say these words just to pass situation or really he mean it, so you can know this from his face reactions or body language also the tone of the voice all this can affect the meaning of one word for example : if you meet one person and say to him hello, how are you? With sad face or without reaction on your face ☹️ he will feel that you are not happy to see him  . But in other situation if you meet the same person and say to him in warm smile with a happy feeling in your voice hello, how are you? 😊😊😊

Sure there is a big difference between the two ways. So the second one with the happy and warm welcoming which we need in our hotel operation when you meet your guest.

What is the meaning of SOP?

We can say it is the standard operating procedures

Or sequence of procedures

Which meaning the step by step instructions to show you how to complete the tasks?

Check in SOP

When the guest arrive to the hotel and come to reception to make check in

1. Greet and welcome the guest welcome drink 🍹🍹with wet face towel to be in the guest reception.

2. Ask the guest for his first and last name

3. You will check on the system (PMS) look for the guest name

4. You will find the booking on the system so you will print the registration card to be signed by guest, and ask him politely to write his telephone number and email address.

5. Confirm with the guest all the information details on the RC as how many Pax will stay in the room, the meal plan, how many nights also the payment settlement method which guest prefer, once all information is fine and confirmed, you need to confirm with him the rate, and ask him if there is any preferable of the room as some guests like to have smoking room or upper floors and the opposite side also there are some guests like lower floor, non smoking room, king size bed or twin bed, with balcony or without, connected door if they are friends or two rooms same family, so it is one of the important thing during the check in to ask about the preference which help you during your shift to reduce the guest requests and the room change after the check in,

If the booking already paid so ask the guest to give you the voucher or the Lpo

You will attach the Registration card with the ID Copy and the reservation correspondence.

If still not paid so you will ask the guest for the payment or how he will settle the room rate payment. (credit or cash) or make preauthorization with the amount on the guest credit card.

6. Block the room as per guest preferences

7. Ask the guest for the Passport or the ID and scan it or take a copy

Nowadays we scan the ID to help saving trees with reducing the consume of the papers

8. During the scan of the ID try to be more friendly with the guest and ask him about his way or trip to the hotel and if it was long distance show him emphasis. Show him that you touch his feeling.

9. Give back the guest ID or passport by your both hands to show more respect.

10. Make the key card and put in the key holder .

11. Give the guest the key card and the welcome letter.

12 try to explain on brief the hotel outlet and the telephone numbers which guest may need during his stay. For example room service extension from the guest room.

13. Give him the reception extension number and offer for Him if he need any help to contact you in reception and say to him that you will be more happy to assist him for any service he need during his stay in the hotel.

14. Show him how he go to his room and explain the room in which floor and which elevator He can use, ask bellboy to help the guest with the luggage. Close your conversation with him with wide and pleasant smily face.

Go to your system PMS and update the guest profile you will add the date of birth, the telephone number, guest email address, guest Nationality, double check the rate is correct according the correspondence.

Be sure if you follow these tips, if this is the first time for your guest it will not the last time, and he will remember the attitude of you all the time.

15. After twenty minutes make a courtesy call to the guest room and follow up that every thing is fine in the room and offer your help if he has any inquiry or request.

You can face some unexpected situations during the check in for example if you didnot find the booking on the system, also if you are sold out and you have overbooking how to deal in this situation ?

Hope that I gave you the right tips, please write to me in the comments what is your opinion about this article. If you like and if you need more details as I am planning to make like chain of the SOP in front office department step by step.





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