Front office Department in Hotels

The front office department in the hotels is the first impression for your guest starting from the door man who welcome the guest and open the door for them in the very early arrival moments , should be warm welcome to your Guest and give them your attention and show them welcoming .

doorman assist the guest and open the door for them and let bellman handle the luggage while the guest enter to the hotel lobby going to the reception desk for register his arrival, after will see the reception staff , who is welcoming the guest with warm and welcoming smile ,

The front office department is the main information center in the hotel , through the guest cycle in the hotel if needed any information so the direct thinking of the guest is contact with front office staff , therefor some skills should be describe the front office staff like well known the hotel outlets timing and all the information may be needed and update your self with the new events around your hotel area , remember you are the central of information for your guest.

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