Etiquettes and Manners for Front Desk | Concierge

Etiquettes and Manners for Front Desk | Concierge

Etiquettes and Manners for Front Desk | Concierge ,

Concierge & Bell Staff Etiquettes and Manners:

The concierge and bell staff should have the right attitude and product Knowledge, and also able to recognize any sales opportunities.

Staff Attitude with guest and colleagues:

  1. Greet guest and colleagues with a smile and maintain a friendly and pleasant expression.
  2. Stand upright, do not fold your arms in front of the guest.
  3. Keep your hands out of your pockets.
  4. Do not lean on the counter at any time.
  5.  Do not play with hair and jewellery.
  6. Ensure a positive body language.

    Concierge Staff Speech with guests and colleagues:

    1. Be tactful and courteous, do not argue with guests.
    2. Be humoured and even-tempered, do not become over friendly with guests.
    3. Look at a guest when addressing them.
    4. Look and act professionally.
    5. Always appear confident.
    6. Listen carefully to the guest when talking to the guest.

    Always be positive:

    1. Use the guest’s name at least twice once known.
    2. Ask the right questions to identify needs.
    3. Talk clearly and maintain a good tone of voice at all times.
    4. Do not criticize one guest to another.
    5. Do not refer guest as “He/She to They“ in their presence.
    6. Do not weary the guest with your troubles.
    7. Do not discuss religion or politics with guests.
    8. Be specific in your explanations.
    9. Consult your colleagues if any doubt arises.

    Establishing Contact with guests:

    1. Always give the guest a warm and friendly welcome, “Good morning Mr. David, how may I help you”
    2. Make the guest feel comfortable and safe.
    3. Refer to the guest twice by the correct title and name once known.
    4. Identify the guest’s needs.
    5. Observe what is happening around you.

    Be discreet and attentive to guest:

    1. Show guests a sympathetic interest.
    2. Take your time for the guest.
    3. Always recommend our services to the guest.
    4. Appear neat and tidy but never severe.
    5. Always maintain eye contact when attending to the guest.

    Have good product knowledge and hotels standards:

    Keep your hands out of your pockets.Do not lean on the counter at any time

    1. Know the different facilities and services available in the hotel.
    2. Be able to describe each product and services to the guests.
    3. Know who is who.
    4. Know the layout of the hotel.
    5. Know the location, timings, promotions and theme nights of the outlets.
    6. Have a good knowledge of the city, places of interests, restaurants etc.
    7. Be aware of any special promotions going on in the hotel.
    8. Know which function/event is taking place and at which banquet hall or venue along with their meeting schedule.

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