Changing Guest Room Procedures

Changing Guest Room Procedures

changing the guest room procedures

A room change request can be  occurred on different reasons , Front office team should change the room as quickly as possible when any guest is dissatisfied with accommodations or finds defects that cannot be immediately corrected.

Below are few reasons for room change request from guest:

    • A/C not working.
    • Room Type allocated was not as per the room confirmed.
  • Water leakage in bathroom.
  • Noisy floor / Noise from adjacent room.
  • There is bad smell in the room.
  • water flooded emergency.
  • Guest wanted to stay on a higher category room ( Upsell )
  • If no room of similar type is available, the Front Desk Supervisor may be authorized to offer upgraded accommodations at no additional cost to the guest.
  • Duty Manager, Bellman, Desk Attendant, etc., should immediately be sent to the originating room to deliver the new room key.
  • The individual delivering the key should offer to assist the guest with baggage, if the Bellman is not present.
  • Under no circumstances should the guest be asked to return to the Desk for a new room key.
  • After the room change has been completed, Housekeeping must be notified so the room may be cleaned or “tidied” as necessary. This may be communicated through PMS by entering the room move.
  • Ensure that all room and rate changes are properly updated on the Property management system.
  • In case of a Upsell the room rate to be changed to the higher category.
  • In case of a Upgrade the room rate should not be changed.
  • It is important to ensure that the room move is shown on the Property management system as this will affect the front office operations like  incoming mail and telephone calls, voice mails and also to ensure proper billing at check-out.
  • The room change information should also be recorded on a five part ‘Room Change Form’ and distributed as follows:

First copy – Front desk room move file .

Second copy – Room service department and should be noted for all the F&B outlets.

Third copy -Cashier. The cashier is responsible for recording the new information on the guest folio, stapling the NCR slip to the registration card, and placing supporting guest bills from the old room rack to the new room rack.

Fourth copy -Bellman. The Bellman is to make the room change, and the same is filed on the room move folder.

Fifth Copy – Housekeeping, All room changes must be reported to Housekeeping so the first room can be tidied up and kept ready for other guest.

In the end don’t forget to move the Registration form from the old room to the new room number and change the room on it .

also don’t forget to change the room (room move)on the system .

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