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Preparing for family trip

How to plan for a perfect family trip ?

Travelling is very nice , but travelling with your family or friends is more better , it is a good chance to be more closer with them and know each other more . so I t is very important to focus How to prepare for the Perfect family trip ?    1. Share your Ideas […]

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tours in qatar

Two days in Doha Qatar Travel guide

While we talking about Tours in Qatar we should mention the below : Two days in Doha Qatar travel guide , Souq waqif and Katara culture village . me and my friend starting our trip to Japan and once we were talking about the trip we know that we will have stop in Doha Qatar […]

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Museum of Islamic Art Doha

Qatar museum of Islamic Art

Visit Museum of Islamic Art , Qatar Islamic which located in the Qatari Capital Doha and designed by architect I.M Pei . the Museum’s interior gallery spaces were designed by team lead by JM Willmotte & Associés SA ., then visit culture center (Fanar) , is a Qatari milestone , known for its Islamic  inspired […]

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Frensh fries every day affecting health

Eating the frensh fries every day affecting the health , as this the first kind of fast food , French fries are that good  American food that fools its consumers with the notion that the deep fried greasiness are actually refined, with that fancy “French” title word . But don’t be fooled. “French” refers to […]

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Eating onion every day

Onions Health benefits

Onions Health benefits , Raw onions are certainly pungent, and can even cause painful tears when they’re cut, but they are incredibly healthy to eat. And for all the hype about “superfoods” like pomegranates, green tea, and acai berries, onions actually offer way superior benefits. In fact, researchers speculate that the humble onion might be behind […]

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Drinking Coffee every day

Drink One Coffee a day

Coffee is that one thing that millions of Americans start their day with. It’s  very warm, inviting , also full of caffeine that gives and offers a much-needed pick-me-up to get your day started. But, what’s really happening inside your body when you drink this cup of joe? Are you drinking something that is beneficial […]

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Handling Guest luggage procedures

Handling Guest luggage procedures As soon as a taxi (or any other transportation) stops in front of the hotel / porch, Bell Personal or Door man should open the passenger door. Greet the guest: “Welcome to [Your hotel name], I am [your name] do you need some help with your luggage?” Help the guest to […]

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Etiquettes and Manners for Front Desk | Concierge

Etiquettes and Manners for Front Desk | Concierge , Concierge & Bell Staff Etiquettes and Manners: The concierge and bell staff should have the right attitude and product Knowledge, and also able to recognize any sales opportunities. Staff Attitude with guest and colleagues: Greet guest and colleagues with a smile and maintain a friendly and […]

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Public Holidays in Qatar

Public holidays in Qatar , when you start planning your trips or travel outside of your country , the first thing you will start your thinking with … yes its the public holidays . so we will show you the public holidays as per the calendar though we can help in managing and planning your […]

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كورنيش الدوحة

مما لاشك فيه ان كورنيش الدوحة من افضل الأماكن التي تتمتع بطابع خاص في الدوحة سواء كنت بمفردك او مع أحد من أصدقائك او مع افراد عائلتك فيعتبر كورنيش الدوحة هو الملاذ الأول الذي سوف تفكر به حيث الطبيعة الخلابة والجو الهادئ الذي يبعث الطمأنينة في النفس والراحة؛ فبينما تنظر الي المياه وتنظر علي امتداد […]

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