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Hotel Security Check list

Hotel Security Self Inspection Checklist Since Transient guest do not have the sense of territory or the ability to easily recognize intruders as intruders  that neighbors in a residential community have effective physical security in needed to reduce their vulnerability. An Effort should be made to develop a self inspection or survey form tailored to […]

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Housekeeping – Bed Making

Preparing for Bed Making: Housekeeper Remove soiled bed linen from the bed. Look at the mattress pad / mattress protector to see if it is stained, torn or damaged. If it is not straighten it and make sure the mattress and box spring are even. Always adjust the mattress with your leg and not with […]

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Engineering department in hotels

Engineering Department in hotels

Engineering department in hotels or the same of some hotel staff say maintenance department is one of the back side departments as it is not guest contact , but they have big role to keep all the machine and rooms equipments working and in good condition , A/C , Television , Telephone …. …. Should […]

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Telephone Operator skills

Hotels Telephone Ethics

Basic Telephone Etiquettes: What all points should be taken care of while answering a call? Phone should be answered within three rings. Smile even though you are on the telephone. Sit or stand up straight. Use a low voice pitch. Match your speaking rate to the caller’s. Avoid extremes in volume. Standard Phrase: How to […]

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Front Office staff preparation before starting the shift

Front Office staff preparation before starting the shift To be Ready Before the shift starts. Punch in your attendance. Read the log book : Look for unusual events or incidents. Guest Complaints. Guest pending requests. Other relevant information’s. Situations which requires follow-up. Any hand overs from previous shift. Pending Mails and Couriers to be delivered […]

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Front Office management

Walk Guest to another Hotel

Walk guest to another hotel some people say about it the turn away guest Because of the highly competitive markets, It is should be the goal of the front office department to have zero room vacant in order to maximize revenue generated from room and also to achieve full occupancy. Rooms are like perishable items because […]

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Briefing in the Front Office Department

Briefing in Front Office Purpose: Hotel Front office staff needs daily briefings so they know what’s happening in the hotel that day / previous day. This gives a smoother operation, without having to waste time asking others and they know what’s happening in the hotel. Daily Briefing in front office is part of Hotel front […]

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Housekeeping Public Area Cleaning

Hotel Public area cleaning Public areas are the common places and facilitates accessible to in house guest and non-resident guest. Guest requires common areas to meet, sit and carry other activities. The place comes under the are lobby, restaurants, bars, banquets, and other Food and Beverage Outlets. Public area cleaning is the most important and […]

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Housekeepers Cleaning Secrets

Housekeeping department in hotels is very important and should have more care from the management as this department is responsible to make the hotel clean and shiny all the time so whenever and wherever the guest pass must be clean area and fresh atmosphere , may be you think that housekeepers has secrets in the […]

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Housekeeping laundry operation – Hotel

Principle of Hotel laundry 1. Removal of dirt and stain from the linen articles. 2. Restoring linen articles to their original appearance as far as possible. Qualities of good laundry 1. Careful handling of linen articles when laundering 2. Correct process of use of suitable agent. 3. While materials are kept white, excessive bleach is […]

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