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What do hotel star rating mean?

What Do Hotel Star Ratings Mean? Choosing a hotel stay can be challenging when there are so many types of hotels to pick from. Once a traveler selects the type of hotel they are interested in, the next step is navigating the intricacies of hotel ratings and star meanings. We’ve created a guide to discuss […]

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reservation in hotels

Night Audit The End of day process in hotels

Night Audit / End of Day process in Hotels The Front office Audit is usually referred as Night Audit because hotels generally perform it during the late evening hours. Before the implementation of automated front office systems, the most convenient time to perform the audit was during the late evening and early morning hours, this […]

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Top Types of Common Guest Complaints in Hotels

Types of Common Guest Complaints in Hotels 1. Service Related Complaints Are usually associated with the hotel service. The guest may experience a problem with hotel services and may get dissatisfied. It can be of wide-ranging and about such things as long waiting time for service, lack of assistance with luggage, untidy room, missed wake […]

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hotel front desk job description

The 21 Important customer service skills

The 21 most important customer service skills • Empathy • Communication skills • Product knowledge • Problem-solving skills • Patience • Positive attitude • Positive language • Listening skills • A willingness to go the extra mile • Personal responsibility • Confidence • Tenacity • Authenticity • Adaptability • Attentiveness • Desire to learn • […]

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Do and Do not in front office SOP

SOP – Do’s and Don’ts in Front Office

SOP – Do’s and Don’ts in Front Office 1. Greet every body you see with warm and welcoming smile. 2. Keep eye contact with the guest when you talk to him . 3. When you are talking with the guest say his Name as much as possible, as example, hello Mr. Mark, how are you […]

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Check in SOP front office

Front office SOP check in

SOP for front office staff at check in time front desk representative duties Initially let me focus on the sentence of “Reception staff ,who giving the first impression for the hotel, and front office department is the mirror of the service , so keep the first impression for the guest as happy by your warm […]

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Front Office management

Hotels staff with positive covid-19 cases

Hotels staff with positive covid-19 cases Take action if an employee suspected or confirmed positive case of Covid -19 * Immediately separate the employees who reported with or develop symptoms  at the work from the other employees ,and arrange for private transport to home . These employees should self-isolate and contact their health care provider […]

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Front office training

Front office staff shifts handover tips

What is the shift hand over in the front office department? How to start your shift as a receptionist? What is the main points you need to ensure in the starting of your shift? An effective front office staff communication involves the use of log books, information directories, emails and telephone procedures. A proper hand […]

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Telephone Operator skills

Telephone skills for telephone operators

How to Build Telephone Skills for Telephone Operators ? What is the telephone ethics? How to answer the phone in professional manner? What is the telephone answer skills? let us start with the agreement that the telephone is one of the main sources of the business, let say the guest find your hotel telephone number […]

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Front Office management

Etiquettes and Manners for Hotel Staff

What is the Etiquettes and Manners for Hotel Staff / Front Office Staff?  Hotel staff should be trained and good qualified for the work which they are doing, it is Avery high standard business, as it is the main source of it is the human been as you are dealing with guest you need to […]

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