Briefing in the Front Office Department

Briefing in the Front Office Department


Reception front office department
Front office department reception handling

Briefing in Front Office


Hotel Front office staff needs daily briefings so they know what’s happening in the hotel that day / previous day. This gives a smoother operation, without having to waste time asking others and they know what’s happening in the hotel.

Daily Briefing in front office is part of Hotel front office communication. The complexity of front office communication is directly related to the number of rooms, hotel size, public areas and facilities etc.

1) Prepare for the briefing by making notes on what has to be communicated.

it is a very good point to not losing more time during the meeting time to arrange your ideas so better to make the notes for the main points which will be discussed .

2) Read the night log book to update your information

the logbook in hotels is very important as you are recording every thing during the shift so whenever you need information about any event or incident you will go back to the logbook and you will find it easy .

3) Make a note of any special, important information or memorandums.

start to write your notes as this will be discussed in the meeting and should be main points to be share shortly with the team .

4) Brief about previous night room closing along with room revenue and Average Rack Rate (ARR / ADR ).

Front office team need to be aware about the revenue figures so the revenue and ADR will be shared during the meeting also the targeted revenue to motivate them to do their best to achieve the target .

5) Brief about expected Arrivals, Expected departure and late check outs for the day.

front office team need to know what they will do during the shift so expected arrival and departure will make them expect the day and give them the basic idea how to manage the day shift .

6) High Balance guest details to be shared.

this is very important to be shared as the staff of the front office can see and notice any movement of the guest and incase if they feel any suspicious movement like luggage movement of these guest who has high balance they need to report to management directly .

7) Scanty baggage guest details.

if there is a guest with light luggage the full information should shared with all the front office team to be aware if any incident happen .

8) Expected VIP movements and In –House VIP guests.

This is a very important point as the VIP guest always important to be delt in a professional way with more welcoming and worm reception smile .

9) Any special guest requests, Fussy guests, Handle with care guests.

share the more information between the team and you will feel more proactive as more information for the staff will make the operation more easy and smooth .

10) Long stayer  guest In-house.

Long stayer guest inhouse list should be shared with the staff to know more information about each incase of requests and demands . should be no delay .

11) Single Lady guest In-house.

To be noted for the staff incase of any incident .

12) Details about airport pickup.

as we mentioned before any more information will make the operation of our team more smooth , arrival time and departure time also the pick up and drop off time to airport is very important information to be shared with the front office staff , and missing or wrong information about the pickup or drop off can be a very bad dramatic end , so you need to be more alert with these information .

13) Pending room shifting for the day.

incase of room shifting should be made as soon as possible and also moved on the system in timely manner , as this can affect the operation ,

14) Any bills on hold.

front office manager should share the information if there is any bill on hold should be shared with the staff and the reason of that and to be sure that staff will follow up with the guest to be collected from the guest balance after his revision.

15) Overview of hotel occupancy for the week.


16) Any un-resolved issues – Ensure the staff is truly aware of important issues, matters related to daily operations.

if there are some reasons which cannot solve and need time , staff need to know and also give them the guide line how to manage during the shift .

17) Use the opportunity of the briefing to remind staff of company standards, Missions or Visions.

always share the standard with your staff as you need also to follow up that they are aware about the rules and regulation .

18) Allow staff to express themselves and communicate briefly.

some times you can give the chance to staff to talk about them selves but in briefly not to lose time .and talking about the operation and solving issues in their shifts.

19) Keep the briefing short ( between 20 – 30 min)

20) Recommend that all are standing during the briefing

the notes topics which discussed in the meeting should be mad in a note book and shared by team to sign and sure that all have the information , we are in front office the main source of the hotel information for our guest , as you can find one of the guest will come to you in reception and as about you suggestion for the best restaurant in the town or the best place to visit like touristic place , so you need to know the main attraction in your area and how to go their and the best time to visit .


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