Reservation Agent / Officer’s Job definition : He is the person who controlling and maintaining all type of room reservations that match the guest requirements from the hotel, also controlling the hotel rooms inventory . Reservation Agent/officer’s basic Skills : Bilingual . Effective communication skills . To be very acknowledge of the property room type […]

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Bellman’s job definition : To work closely with the front desk staff , room service employee , assistance with luggage for guest and transportation plus the miscellaneous needs . Bellman’s Basic skills: Basic language skills . Communication skills. Fit to perform physical tasks. Equipment usage skills . Materials usage skills. product awareness . Property’s policies […]

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Hotel Telephone operator

The telephone operator clerk is one of the most important in the hotels as he is the first one who will receive the telephone calls from the guest who need to make booking in your hotel , there is two kinds of telephone calls in hotels : The first is the outside telephone calls and […]

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Housekeeping Guest room cleaning

Guest Room Cleaning Frequency Schedule This list indicates how often each items on the guest room and bathroom should be cleaned. There are items which need to be cleaned on a daily, weekly, monthly, every 6 months etc. Housekeeping department should implement a routine cleaning cycle as part of their standard operational procedures. Below you […]

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Housekeeping Cleaning front office area

SOP –  Cleaning Front office /  Lobby Area Cleaning front office / Lobby Area: Hotel lobby should be clean 24 hours of the day. All lobby and front office areas like flooring, ceiling, furniture, glass doors, glass windows, ashtrays, fixtures etc. should be clean at any given we mention in our Previous post that […]

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Housekeeping – Cleaning Bathroom

SOP – Housekeeping – Cleaning Bathroom tiles and Mirror SOP Number: HK – 17 ( SOP serial number and department code ) Department: Housekeeping – Guest Room Date Issued: DATE THE DOCUMENT WAS CREATED Time to Train: 30 Minutes Cleaning tiles:  Apply diluted cleaning solution on to the scrubber and scrub top to bottom ensuring […]

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Housekeeping department training

The housekeeping department is one from the main factor in the hotels , as mainly hotels reputation come from the services which offer to their guests , and the cleaning service is the main element which make difference between hotels , so the hotel need to be always shiny , tidy and clean . and […]

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Doha Jewelry & Watches Exhibition 2018 Arabic

You can enjoy the Doha Jewelry & Watches Exhibition 2018 Arabic from 21.02.2018 untl 26.02.2018 , Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition is a precious journey to the very heart of glamour. At DJWE exclusivity, beauty, art, legacy and unique craftsmanship strive and combine to tell the unforgettable story behind each jewel. DJWE unfolds at the Doha Exhibition […]

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Top 7 Most EXPENSIVE Cars In The World 2018 (You’ll Never Get To Drive)

1. Sweptail by Rolls Royce – $13 million Before you gasp at the price, do note that this car is off the markets. That’s because it was made on the recommendations of one specific customer whose name the company has refused to divulge. A company famous for its luxurious rollouts, there were only 4,000 Rolls […]

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Top 10 Best Airports In The World 2018

Top ten best airports in the world 2018 , the list is based on the skytrax world airport awards 2017 From ten to one as below : 10. Frankfurt Airport- Germany 9. London Heathrow Airport 8. Zurich Airport (Switzerland) 7. Chubu Centrair Nagoya (Japan) 6. Hamad International Airport (Qatar) 5. Hongkong International Airport 4. Munich Airport (Germany) 3. Incheon International Airport (S. […]

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