Preparing for family trip

How to plan for a perfect family trip ?

Travelling is very nice , but travelling with your family or friends is more better , it is a good chance to be more closer with them and know each other more . so I t is very important to focus How to prepare for the Perfect family trip ?    1. Share your Ideas […]

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Tours in qatar

Tours in Qatar

Tours in Qatar , if you are visiting Qatar or one of the new Arrivals to Hamad international airport , you will think about the tours which you can enjoy in Qatar so we will provide you with the best experience from our valued clients as we are a tourist booking website , which you […]

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Discover Qatar tours and activities

Layover in Doha Qatar

if you have Qatar airways long layover , Qatar airways layover Doha , Qatar airways Stopover , Any kind of stopover in Doha So this Article will help you and will be useful for you , Read until the end …

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tours in qatar

Two days in Doha Qatar Travel guide

While we talking about Tours in Qatar we should mention the below : Two days in Doha Qatar travel guide , Souq waqif and Katara culture village . me and my friend starting our trip to Japan and once we were talking about the trip we know that we will have stop in Doha Qatar […]

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Telephone Operator skills

Telephone skills for telephone operators

How to Build Telephone Skills for Telephone Operators ? let us start with the agreement that the telephone is one of the main sources of the business, let say the guest find your hotel telephone number in advertisement and  he take a decision to contact by calling , so you are the first one who […]

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Front Office management

Etiquettes and Manners for Hotel Staff / Front Office Staff

  Etiquettes and Manners for The Hotel Staff specially Front Office Staff Always you need to greet guest and colleagues with a smile and always you should maintain a friendly and a pleasant expression. Always Stand upright, do not fold your arms in the front of hotel guest . Keep your hands out of your […]

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Healthy Olive

Eating Olives help Health

You can put them in a cocktail,  or place them on your fingers for a trip down childhood memory lane. Yes, we’re talking about olives. so you should know that These oval shaped fruits are not only fun for kids and adults, but they are extremely sure  healthy. Grown on an olive tree, also known […]

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Healthy food for healthy bones

The Best foods for Healthy Bones

let us to be agree that a healthy skeletal structure is crucial to helping us to do …… well, so everything. From our teeth, ribs, toes , spine , also legs and arms, to the bones which make up our skull, we need them all to be in strong working condition to perform the daily […]

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Eat 2 Bananas every Day

Bananas are an popular food pretty much anywhere you go. Grown in 107 countries around the world , they are represent the fourth most valuable crop the world over. Sure they are delicious ripe , cooked, dried, even slightly under the ripe . also They are great plain but nicely complement with ice cream , […]

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Healthy food for Traveler

Eat 3 Dates Every Day

Eat Three Dates every day , If you like sweetness on a Friday night, something new and exciting, or something that will give you energy and perhaps a little skip in your steps , so you are likely someone who likes a good dates or even several. And whether we are talking about one of […]

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