Best Tours in Qatar

Tours in qatar

Best Tours in Qatar

Alfanar Islamic center Doha Qatar, beside souq waqif
Alfanar Islamic center Doha Qatar, beside souq waqif

Museum of Islamic Art

Best Tours in Qatar , if you are visiting Qatar or one of the new Arrivals to Hamad international airport , you will think about the tours which you can enjoy in Qatar so we will provide you with the best experience from our valued clients as we are a tourist booking website , which you can find your tours in Doha , so we will start with the famous tours in Qatar :

tours in qatarSouq wakif

    1. Doha City tour : which allow you to visit the famous attraction in Qatar and this tour almost 4 hours , I think this tour is one of the best option for the Doha layover guest , who come to Qatar while transit between two destinations . Tour Timing : start from the 9 : 00Am or afternoon at 15:30 , and the time is flexible for privet Tours .
    2.  Museum of Islamic art tour : when we talk about the Qatar museum we mean that building with the genius Design shape on Doha corniche side , in this tour you will visit ( Al FANAR ) the culture Islamic center in Qatar , also you will visit the Grand Mosque ( Masjed Mohamed Ibn Abdelwahab ).
    3. Traditional Dhow Cruise Tour : this tour is one of the famous tours in Qatar not only for tourists but also for the Qatari them selfs as sometimes they make family dinner on one of these cruise , so it is one of the iconic tours which allow you to see all the City from the gulf view and you can take the best memorable photos with your friend and family , specially in the evening time to enjoy the panorama of Doha light at night time .

  1. Richard Serra tour : Richard Serra art work  is an art Sculpture by the artist Richard Serra located in the area of the Islamic museum around 80 foot high  , steal art work .
  2. North Qatar tour : This is a special tour which will take you to the historical of Qatar while you go to the north side and driving directly on the corniche pass by al Khor and going to the fishing Harbor which was the center of the pearl and fishing in Qatar .
  3. Explore Dukhan city and Doha West coast trip : this tour will drive you to the Doha west coast and here you will find some of the attraction like the umbrella rock and the lime stone hill , tour of film tour and fort.
  4. Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani Museum trip : this tour in al Shahaniya and this one of the museum in the desert , it is a collection of privet iconic items , you can see the old cars but the clean and unique items .
  5. Dune Discovery Safari half day tour : this tour will be by Air conditional 4 wheel car and this will be drive to the long coast road to the sealine beach . dune bashing , this tour has special experience you need to try and you will nor regret the decision , really this is a non forgettable memory . you will like it very much .
  6. Overnight desert camping tour : this tour is driving along on the sea line for 45 minutes and it is very nice opportunity to take some photos with camels , dune bashing , BBQ Dinner .

Tours in Qatar

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