Bellman Job Description

Bellman Job Description

Bellman in Hotels
Bellman in Hotels

Bellman Job Description in hotels as he is one of the first staff who can meet the guest .

Bellman’s job definition :

To work closely with the front desk staff , room service employee , assistance with luggage for guest and transportation plus the miscellaneous needs .


Bellman’s Basic skills:

  • Basic language skills .
  • Communication skills.
  • Fit to perform physical tasks.
  • Equipment usage skills .
  • Materials usage skills.
  • product awareness .
  • Property’s policies and procedures awareness .
  • Emergency and evacuation plan awareness.

Handling The guest luggage

What Bellman Do at hotels ?

Bellman is one of the first people who can meet the guest during the check in as he will take the luggage from the guest to send to his room ,

The bellman is one of the members of the Front office team ,who help guest with the luggage and as we know that front office team is the staff who give the first impression about the hotel for the guest , so this is a vital team and need more care and training for how to deal with the guest .

the bellman is a unique work as you need to know some language so it will help you to communicate with the different nationalities , also you need too know how to communicate with the staff in other departments .

the bellman has to be fit shape as he should be strong as his work need to be like that . not to be weak .

the bellman also he is the person who escort the guest to his room after the check in with reception , so he need to have knowledge about the hotel and all the outlets and opening and closing times  , so in case the guest ask him so he will reply for the guest questions or inquiries .

the bellman is like the other hotel staff as they all need to be aware about the standard of the work and the Procedures also the policies in the hotel. as he need to follow without breaking any of them .


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