Become a Partner

1  Register as Partner

register as partner

That’s very easy just you need to go to Account sing in the top right and make sign up as partner . or follow this link

  1. Insert your Name .
  2. Make your own password,
  3. insert your Email address
  4. insert your full name
  5. you need to tick the box that you agreed Terms and conditions .

2 Upload Submit Content

get approved as partner

After you register as partner you will be approved by the website Admin to fill your contents and you can first choose the package you need from our affiliate package  , which will allow you to present your service for our clients .

  1. Register as partner.
  2. Get Approved and choose which affiliate package you like.
  3. insert your contents , gallery , full information about your services .

3 Eearning & Statistics

statistic for the partner

From Now I can say you start already to earn money through our partner system as when ever the client choose the service which you provide automatic you will have mail with this booking , and the message will be in your online system , it will come to you through mail.

  1. Put in your consideration that as much as you have customers, this will be mainly from the competitor prices so show us the best you can offer for your customers.
  2. Earning money is very easy and fast with our booking system just you need to start immediately .
  3. you can have statistic with all your transactions and earning online .

Please follow this link for the Partner registration

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