Month: January 2022

hotel front desk job description

Duties of front desk receptionist

Duties of front desk receptionist? Duties of front desk receptionist Hotel clerks are the face of their hotels. They greet guests, check them in and out, answer questions, make recommendations, send up room service orders as well as provide directions and local info. Although every hotel is different, here are some common duties of a […]

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Doha attractions and activities

Places to visit in Doha Qatar

Tours in Doha Qatar JFK to Doha  Doha to toronto flight Doha to perth 10 Days In Qatar Tour: Best Tours To Do In Qatar. An Overview Of The Best Ways To Visit Qatar’s Landmarks. An Unbiased Tour Guide To The Top Tourist Attractions In Doha. A Guide to the Best Tours in Doha: What […]

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key card machine

Hotel room Key card still working after departure date ?

Hotel Room Key cards control, How to control the key cards in hotels?  What is the suggestion to control using the key cards in the hotel industry?  Why the Hotel key card still working and I already checked out two days ago ? I received this question from one of our followers , so we […]

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hotel front desk job description

Who is in charge of front office in hotels?

Front office department in hotel  Front office team, who is in charge of the staff who work in the front office,  I receive this question from one of my followers on the website, so to answer I would like first to explain what is the front office department? And what the roles they are make […]

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Prevent theft in hotels by guest or staff

Preventing Theft by Hotel Staff and Guests

How to Prevent Theft By Hotel Staff and Hotel Guests? 1. Preventing Theft by Hotel Staff: First thing you as recruiters for hotel staff you need to make check references for the staff who apply to work in your hotel, check in the previous places if he has any bad habits, so this is the […]

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