Month: March 2019

Telephone Operator skills

Telephone skills for telephone operators

How to Build Telephone Skills for Telephone Operators ? What is the telephone ethics? How to answer the phone in professional manner? What is the telephone answer skills? let us start with the agreement that the telephone is one of the main sources of the business, let say the guest find your hotel telephone number […]

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Front Office management

Etiquettes and Manners for Hotel Staff

What is the Etiquettes and Manners for Hotel Staff / Front Office Staff?  Hotel staff should be trained and good qualified for the work which they are doing, it is Avery high standard business, as it is the main source of it is the human been as you are dealing with guest you need to […]

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Healthy Olive

Eating Olives help Health

Eating Olives help Health, You can put them in a cocktail,  or place them on your fingers for a trip down childhood memory lane. Yes, we’re talking about olives. so you should know that These oval shaped fruits are not only fun for kids and adults, but they are extremely sure  healthy. Grown on an […]

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