Month: August 2018


Housekeeping – Bed Making

How can you prepare the hotel bed?  Preparing for Bed Making: Housekeeper Remove soiled bed linen from the bed. Look at the mattress pad / mattress protector to see if it is stained, torn or damaged. If it is not straighten it and make sure the mattress and box spring are even. Always adjust the […]

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Engineering department in hotels

Engineering Department in hotels

What is the tasks for the ( Engineering ) maintenance team in hotels? What is the engineering work in hotels?  What is hotel engineering definition?  What is the importance of hotel engineering departments in hotels?  All these questions we will answer below  Engineering department in hotels or the same of some hotel staff say maintenance […]

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Front Office management

Tentative and non guaranteed bookings

What is the meaning of tentative bookings?  What do you mean of non guaranteed bookings?  How to change the booking from non guaranteed bookings to a guaranteed reservation?  Tentative booking is a non guaranteed reservation.  Below more details : Tentative and non guaranteed bookings ( reservation), There is every day bookings the reservation department or […]

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Telephone Operator skills

Hotels Telephone Ethics

What is the telephone ethics?  How to answer the phone call?    Basic Telephone Etiquettes: What all points should be taken care of while answering a call? Phone should be answered within three rings.   Smile even though you are on the telephone.   Sit or stand up straight.   Use a low voice pitch. […]

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Room change in hotel

Changing Guest Room Procedures

changing the guest room procedures A room change request can be  occurred on different reasons , Front office team should change the room as quickly as possible when any guest is dissatisfied with accommodations or finds defects that cannot be immediately corrected. Below are few reasons for room change request from guest: A/C not working. […]

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Front office training

Front Office staff before starting the shift

Front Office staff preparation before starting the shift To be Ready Before the shift starts. Punch in your attendance. Read the log book : Look for unusual events or incidents which happen during the previous shift . Check if there is any Guest Complaints and if you need to make follow up . Guest pending […]

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Front Office management

Walk Guest to another Hotel

Walk guest to another hotel some people say about it the turn away guest Because of the highly competitive markets, It is should be the goal of the front office department to have zero room vacant in order to maximize revenue generated from room and also to achieve full Occupancy. And the turn away one […]

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Front Office management

Briefing in the Front Office Department

  Briefing in Front Office Purpose: Hotel Front office staff needs daily briefings so they know what’s happening in the hotel that day / previous day. This gives a smoother operation, without having to waste time asking others and they know what’s happening in the hotel. Daily Briefing in front office is part of Hotel […]

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Guest luggage handling procedure

Handling Guest luggage procedures

Handling Guest luggage procedures As soon as a taxi (or any other transportation) stops in front of the hotel / porch, Bell Personal or Door man should open the passenger door. Greet the guest: “Welcome to [Your hotel name], I am [your name] do you need some help with your luggage?” Help the guest to […]

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Discover Qatar tours and activities

Etiquettes and Manners for Front Desk | Concierge

Etiquettes and Manners for Front Desk | Concierge , Concierge & Bell Staff Etiquettes and Manners: The concierge and bell staff should have the right attitude and product Knowledge, and also able to recognize any sales opportunities. Staff Attitude with guest and colleagues: Greet guest and colleagues with a smile and maintain a friendly and […]

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