Month: April 2018

General cashier

General cashier in hotel Main duties are to verify all of a day’s collected payments, to deposit it intact and to ensure the adequate supply of house funds and small change for all Front Officer Clerks-Cashiers. he is one of the main roll of accounting department as he should make cash spot in the outlets during […]

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Payable in hotel

Payable Accounting in hotel is responsible person for all the payments and cashiering in the hotel outlets and working with Human resources for the payroll and the employees salaries , also he responsible about the payment and the invoices from the suppliers and handling with them the payment process. Job Description: – Proven working experience […]

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Store Management

Stores Management    A professionally managed Stores has a process and a space within, to receive the incoming materials (Receiving Bay), keep them for as long as they are not required for use (Custody) and then to move them out of stores for use (Issue). In a manufacturing firm this process forms a cycle to […]

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Purchasing Management

Objectives of Purchasing Management To purchase the required material at minimum possible price by following the company policies. to keep department expenses low. Development of good & new vendors (suppliers). Development of good relation with the existing suppliers. training & development of personal employee in department. to maintain proper & up to date records of […]

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Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan in Hospitality Industry An effective marketing plan for hotel can take a number of ways, below are some of the key steps in a marketing plan. Conducting Marketing Audit. Identifying Market segments. Marketing objectives and medium. Analyzing and evaluating the marketing plan. Conducting Marketing Audit: Marketing audit is considered as the foundation in […]

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Marketing Plan and Activities

Tips For Monitoring and Evaluating Marking Plans & Activities To measure the success of a marketing plan done by the sales and marketing teams, all marketing efforts need to be carefully measured. This will help to identify if such marking efforts were successful, cost effective and also the data can be used for future marketing […]

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Housekeeping Public Area Cleaning

Hotel Public area cleaning Public areas are the common places and facilitates accessible to in house guest and non-resident guest. Guest requires common areas to meet, sit and carry other activities. The place comes under the are lobby, restaurants, bars, banquets, and other Food and Beverage Outlets. Public area cleaning is the most important and […]

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Housekeepers Cleaning Secrets

Housekeeping department in hotels is very important and should have more care from the management as this department is responsible to make the hotel clean and shiny all the time so whenever and wherever the guest pass must be clean area and fresh atmosphere , may be you think that housekeepers has secrets in the […]

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